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    Autoshot Question

    Haven't played my hunter for a few patches and I've noticed now that when I start to cast steady shot or cobra shot, my auto attacks start instantly instead of starting after the SS or CS finished cast. Is this intended change or did I mess something up?

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    Think it's been that way since Cata at least.

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    haven't played my hunter in ages but i'm pretty sure that steady/cobra doesn't affect autoshot anymore..it'll just keep shooting

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    Like comments above have said. Autoshot will continue, even while casting Cobra/Steady Shot. This was changed in Cata.
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    Unless something changed in MoP The only time you won't continue to auto shot is when your hard cast Aimed shot

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    Perhaps you forgot to take out a /autoshot /startattack or W/E that command is called, this would start the autoshot as you start casting cobra/steady instead of just as it finishes.. while this being the case only aimed shot should pause your autoshots.. only reason I can see why you don't wanna cast autoshot straigh away is if you precast it with a pull timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanchak View Post
    Unless something changed in MoP The only time you won't continue to auto shot is when your hard cast Aimed shot
    Barrage too
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    I haven't played WoW in a bit so don't know if they changed it or not but you used to have to make a macro like !autoshot /cast cobra shot maybe you have that macro?

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    If you spam cobra/steady it will start to fire an auto shot while casting it, but if you click it just once, it will wait until your cobra/steady have been fired first before it starts firing the auto shots.

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    There was a change some time back. Not sure but i think its since mists came out.

    Before : You enter combat when your cobra is done casting and this is where auto shoot starts.
    After : You enter combat as soon as your auto shoot lands which is fired immediately as you start casting cobra shot.

    I THINK thats what the OP is asking.

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