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    Casual raider here, only 1st boss down in ToT and I can purchase maybe 2 more items, then just wasting VP and even those 2 items will either not be used for my frost gear or will be replaced with T15 set gear. Mages are not like my paladin, where once I have all the Ret gear I can spend excess VP on Prot gear.

    5.3 can't get here fast enough to allow us to spend valor upgrading existing gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rethys View Post
    Would be better if you gave a specific scenario (char link, what slot you are upgrading, what are you upgrading to, etc.) But yes, generally, from my experiences the increase in int/hit/secondary stat outweighs your ~.3% crit loss (taking into account proper reforging/gemming.)
    This is my current setup, which I have changed after reading your post.
    Also considering professions, I'm thinking of changing to Engineering/Tailoring or Engineering/Blacksmith.

    The parts I have changed are the bracers and the belt. They both do not have crit on them.
    I was using the pvp ilvl 491 hit/crit bracers (2/2 upgraded) and the ilvl 496 hit/crit belt from shield wall. (yes i lost some crit, but minimal)
    I'm still planning on replacing the ilvl522 valor hit/mastery bracers when i get the ilvl 502 LFR Frostborn Wristwraps with crit on it.
    Debating on what I should do for the belt.

    I'm not just going for crit without any reason, I'll explain what is bothering me below, which is also a response to another person.

    Quote Originally Posted by willemh View Post
    Crit is our best stat, that doesnt mean loosing crit is always a dps loss. For example, gaining 2 mastery or 2 haste will always be better then gaining 1 crit. There is no way a 496 item with crit will ever, in any situation, beat a 522 item with mastery. Saying items are a downgrade if they make you loose crit is very shortsighted and in no way true at all.
    Yes i know, I am going for crit because of my horrible experience with shitty ignites.
    The fire spec is just very reliant on good RNG (crit) that in my opinion,
    while simcraft/theory-crafting can be a good reference, you really can't fully rely on it like other specs/classes. Because fire just involves too much RNG. To make the spec less RNG reliant, you need to stack crit.(I know in the end, unless you have 100% crit its still RNG)

    Just think of it as mount drops. Some people may get a rare mount on their first run.
    Some might end up running the instance for years for it to drop, which might end up being lower than the average drop rate.
    Or another example is weeks of unlucky streaks with LFR loot(bags of gold),
    which Blizzard is going to fix in 5.3.

    I think the same goes with the fire spec. Some people are just unlucky with crits.
    And until you have a decent amount of crit, I just am afraid of losing crit by switching to an item just because it has a higher ilvl.
    For example what happens to me commonly is,
    I wouldn't get any crits from pyros when I do my Pyroblast!->PoM Pyro->AT->Pyroblast!->PoM Pyro.
    Yes, 4 Pyros in a row not criting. And ignite being like 20k+.
    The biggest fire spec dps CD being sh*t.
    (Thats when I just get pi**ed and feel like leaving/logging after the fights done in LFR/dungeons etc.)

    Please add "with all due respect" to all of my posts in this thread.
    While I do state my opinions, I also do respect the progression raiders opinions too.
    Maybe I'm just paranoid of losing crit because I'm one of those unlucky mages.
    My final goal is btw, to "enjoy" the fire spec (while being as a casual PvEer).

    And sorry for the wall-of-text. I wanted to explain why I'm so desperate for crit.

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    Its simple:
    Get the necklace and the cloak. U have an 483er cloak. Thats an upgrade of 39 points. (33 points for the necklace)
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    Menphis, it might "feel" like u dps less if u crit less, but upgrading ur <496 items to 522 will definitely increase ur overall dps.

    Fire mages place way too much emphasis on pulling a huge combust sometimes. Yes rolling a huge combust is the way to top meters and make you feel like a god, but its just not worth sacrificing so much of your other stats by keeping gear thats 25 item levels lower for 1-2% more crit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    It's kinda sad. I'll be capped next week and have nothing to do with my VP.
    Ditto. I guess it's a good thing though that all the good rewards are available at Neutral/Friendly/Honored instead of exalted. Great for my 2 alt Mages.

    5.3 can't be more than 6 weeks off, so it's safe to spend VP now but I'd start thinking about saving in a month or so.

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    Ok, I guess ill put my worries aside and buy the cloak or neck next, since I still have weeks till I hit revered with Shado-Pan Assualt to get that crit chest and I'm already capping at 3k valor.

    Appreciate the advices, thx!

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