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    2p T14 VS 4p T15

    OK, so this is kind of a hard question, for me at least.

    I have a ilvl 522 non-set head with the chest and pants 496 T14 = 2p bonus. Equiped.

    Also, i got the head and pants from raid finder T15, ilvl 502. With them, i complete the 4p T15. But lose 2ilvl points.

    So, is the exchange worth it?

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    In a word. Yes. I don't have any figures for you but I imagine a 4set beats a 2 set any day. Let alone one from a previous tier. Losing 2 ilvls isn't that great a deal

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    Sure, for me 2pc t14 was like 3-4 K dps gain, while 4pc t15 is like 3-4 % : D
    So ye, definetly ;]

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