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    Teamplay FPS that's more recent than CS:S?

    So, I'm sitting around and it's Friday. No raid. I'd like to do something tonight with my friends, but we're all getting pretty burnt out on the dota ports and really don't have much left to occupy us in WoW besides raiding. So I got to thinking about what we used to do.

    I remember playing MW:2 back on drinking nights. It worked then because even though the game lacked real depth, it was fun to see if you could manage to get a nuke before your teammates brought you to 75 kills, etc. Thing is, that game was all player hosted, and it wasn't that good then anyways. Now, you can barely find games.

    I looked at the more recent CoD's and they all look like they just expand on the issues inherent in the old multiplayer--a definitive lack of depth. I am sure some would flame me for that, but the last time I remember a game having real depth in the fps realm was CS 1.6 (or even pre-steam era) and CS:S. I was total dick at these games, but I still enjoyed them.

    Anyways, what kind of teamplay FPS's have you guys been playing that are more recent? Any good ones out?


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    look at planetside 2, its free

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'depth' here. I just can't apply that word to CoD/CS or any other fast-paced, jump-around-so-they-can't-hit-you FPS.

    Battlefield games are a far cry from CoD though, so you might want to take a look at those. Still plenty of Bad Company 2 servers up.

    Also if you have a PS3 I highly recommend DUST514, which is F2P.
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