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    I cannot play when my nternet may be broken? I have a disconnect and my game interrupts? No!

    Will change to PS4 for 100% if this is true.

    With the copyright declines and whatsoever....MS gonna hurt themself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luubox View Post
    You're saying you don't have a constant internet connection already ?
    My connection was out due to maintenance from 1 to 6 last night. Also, even outside of maintenance it's quite common for internet to go out a few times a day.

    Yeah, my internet speed is faster than 95% of the world, but it's not exactly stable. So this does bother me. I won't buy the new xbox, that's for sure.

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    Other: Fuck consoles.

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    "The only way we'll advance is if we drop support for old bullshit things"

    Perhaps when the service is stable enough and less people get screwed by it, recent releases that have used always on DRM show they are not ready to provide the servers in a stable enough way.

    "With next-gen tech, we should be going with the future"

    The technology isn't there for enough of the population to avoid getting screw by this and most importantly developers have shown a worrying inability to properly prepare for large scale releases like this console would be.

    "If you can't afford internet (which is pretty sad), stick to previous-gen consoles, then?"

    Affordability isn't the concern to most, its the fact that huge pockets of even the most developed nations do not have stable enough connections for always on to be anything less than a disaster.

    "Who the shit uses rented games"

    People do, I often take games to a friends house or to a lan, taking the whole machine is irritating and should never be necessary.

    "Lets start a thread about Titan being shit and we should all complain from now, we don't know anything but we can assume its going to be shit, right?"

    Recent releases show companies are rarely equipped to deal with large scale always on games, its reasonable to expect more problems for an entire console with this obnoxious DRM.
    There are rumors microsofts next console will have always on DRM, this thread is addressing those rumors and if people will still buy the console if they are true.

    Educate yourself on this issue before speaking about rationality, there are glaring holes in your understanding of almost everything you mentioned

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    Think about how many gaming consoles are overseas with US soldiers. I have pretty crappy internet out here in the sticks in the CONTUS, I can just imagine how horrible the speeds are in outer Mongolia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelly View Post
    i like how the always-online-supporters in this thread don't mention any benefit it brings to customers (probably because there a no customer benefits). So far the only "counter" is a bunch posts ridiculing the ones who don't have super stable internet.
    But we need to get into the future maaaan! Quit holding us back!!!!!

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    Why on earth are people jumping to this conclusion? The twitter account is his personal account and you shouldn't take his views as that of the company he works for.

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    slightly dated estimated world figures.. the world total is actually only slightly higher at about 34% on the latest figures (june 2012). source here

    maybe when those world total figures hit 80% or higher with everyone having reliable steady internet connection then i might be prepared to have always online.
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    Nope, they can fuck off with their arbitrary restrictions on user freedom.

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    Il just buy a PS4, i prefer something that if it costs so much it should last longer than a year, unlike my 360 that i bought 2 had 5 warranty replacements, more than 1 a year lol.

    Then the fact you dont really own the online parts of Xbox games but have to rent the online part of the disc from M$ with LIVE Tax just to internet game with it. Even though internet gaming or 99% of LIVE content is free to anyone right upto their router in the house.

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    I think online only games (and therefore online only consoles) is one of the worst things that could happen to the gaming industry.

    I dont want to be forced to be online to play my single player games, and the online only feature brings problems (lag, connectivity issues, server loads, even account hacking and secuirity issues) that hurt the game experience in games that dont need those stuff.

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    Won't be buying it if it requires an always-online connection.

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    I like Tycho's thoughts on it.
    But he and many other people are grappling with the same information, and they don’t really know what to do with it: specifically, that they’re hearing from people they trust that the box requires a connection to execute entertainment software, and no-one can figure out why they would do that. They know why they’d want to, but they don’t know why they actually would.
    It seem likes such an idiotic thing to do that its actually confusing. Now, of course, even if the Nextbox launches that way it doesn't mean it will stay that way. If sales bomb badly enough I'm sure it will be changed. Of course the damage may have already been done by that point.
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    Not really, I still regret giving the 360 a chance. The few, and I do mean few, exclusive series that it has aren't worth it. I can't stand the sound it makes every time I try to play it, like a monster trying to eat my disc. The controller is ass, eats up batteries faster than you can count them (Know what else uses batteries? A fucking Gameboy...). I'd rather not have to be forced to pay a subscription to their stupid little club. And call it a pet peeve, but it irks me that they still need to have some games use multiple discs to play... that was two generations ago Microsoft, get it together. I highly doubt that the next system will be any better, even ignoring the "always online" BS.

    Really, I typically don't care if someone prefers one console over the other. But I really do hope that the XDreamBoxCast tanks it hard, then maybe Microsoft will stick with PC gaming and not make a carbon copy of Sony's system. (I'd pray they go the way of Sega, but we all know that won't happen.) Then again, I'm sure there are enough fanboys out there who think Microsoft can do no wrong and will buy it anyway... allowing them to keep up the mediocrity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    So it seems these listed here is the usual repeating that's going on in the thread.
    1: paranoid much?
    Probably just paranoia, however, there are implications for an always on camera that you aren't in control of.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    2: Im gonna assume you have a PC can a:watch movies there or b:hook up the TV to the PC and do the same as u would normally or c: This is a scary one but not sit infront of the TV till your net is fixed or d: sit on your PC
    Why should we have to change the way we consume our entertainment because the internet is out? I can happily do some Halo split screen with my brothers when the net is out for whatever reason. What about using the console as a DVD/BluRay device like a lot of people do? Can't watch a movie now that your internet is down. Why are you telling people to force themselves to do something other than what they want to do because a variable in what they want has been removed (internet not on)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    3: Sure, about 20 years ago.
    The US has some of the highest prices for lowest speeds. Are you saying all internet available to people is 100% affordable just because we live in 2013? Don't forget this console isn't only going to be released in the US.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    4: Are you just grasping for reasons to grasp or?
    Are you saying hackers are suddenly off the table? How about: Servers down for maintenance. Problem on MS' end.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    5: half the time??? Where do you live???
    Not everyone lives in the civilized world. Internet connections are not always stable. Internet connections are not equal. Some ISPs (being the only ones or best ones available) have strict data limits and throttle your connection. Some people have to go wherever for various reasons and may not have internet/have spotty internet (hotels).

    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    6: yes they will still sell loads as with most internet rants ppl still go buy it after they rant(not saying thats you ofc you might be the hardcore die by their word kinda guy/gal

    Quote Originally Posted by Faladrath View Post
    So with 276 replies, I've still to see a valid reason(not a ton of "ifs" to not buy it because of this. We live in 2013 not 1990. Anyone who can afford a brand new console can sure as well afford a stable connection. Some ppl just wanna complain to complain it seems.

    Oh and to the ppl saying it wont do anything for piracy? Really go read some before you make a statement based on facts coming from your behind.
    I didn't know 2013 meant everyone has FIOS and it never ever goes down. How silly of me to not realize a new year means everything is suddenly better. Being able to afford a console and stable connection does not mean the connection is going to be available to them. Over the air is pretty stable, but mine was subject to a ridiculous data cap and throttled me down to almost nothing until I moved. A lot of ISPs charge hefty fees for termination of their services within your contract so changing ISPs is not always on the table.

    Here is a reason that isn't a what if: It's not fucking necessary at all.

    It won't "do nothing" against piracy. There will be less, but that doesn't mean it will be stopped 100%. Let me into your dream world if you actually believe that.

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    I used to buy both Xbox and Playstations, but with the rumors around the next Xbox, I feel more drawn to just buy the PS4.

    I also feel Consoles has fallen from the good times when PS2 was king, and I have splurged alot of my tax return + vacation money to buy a sweet i7 3930X PC. And I play majority of the games on PC using my trusty Logitech F710

    Looking most forward to Final Fantasy 14 on PC as it will have a sweet Gamepad UI ^^

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    It's not about relying on your internet connection it's about relying on the servers of the game, case in point sim city.
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    if the access is free like the ps3, yes, otherwise no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    if the access is free like the ps3, yes, otherwise no
    I have high doubts about that tbh.

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    I do think it's stupid though I'm not as upset about it as others (I'm also only a part-time console gamer and almost never borrow/buy used games). I mean, chances are it won't effect me much and I'm quite sure I won't be buying either new platform anywhere near when they released. I bought both the PS3 and 360 within the last year and a half, got a handful of games, mostly exclusive, for cheap. If there are good exclusive titles I might do that again next generation when they go down to 250 or lower.

    Consoles should remain simple, IMO. You should be able to plug in and play it wherever you have a TV without having anything extra, period. I think what the consoles currently have for internet capabiltiies are just fine, they are going to shoot themselves in the foot if they go through with this, which they'd be stupid to do if they don't take a hint from feedback like this.

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