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    Quote Originally Posted by lolcatabeta View Post
    The title speaks for itself, will we have 4 raid TIERS in this xpack like we have always had, except for cataclysm?
    Or will it have 3 raids like every expansion, except for WotLK?

    Unless they are comming up with something after the Siege of Orgrimmar, I don't see more than 3 happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post

    LFR for old raids sounds awful and a huge waste of development time to scale everything up and itemize them.

    What you should expect is one of the best in between expansion patches ever that bridges us from expansion to expansion. Unlike Scourge invasion event or Halion. We may end up with raids , dallies, events, and everything all crammed into one. Doom Lord Kazzak makes his return.

    rather then LFR, I think the new feature might be a SCALE DOWN system using their new Ilvl altering tech they developed for challenge modes so you can help a friend level or do an old raid ground without needing to have some jank ass lvl 70 xp stopped twink ect.
    What I meant was exactly this. LFR that uses challenge mode technology to scale down ilvl, so you could basically queue up without hitting max levels and awards vanity items and original loot for transmog. That would give plenty to do between expansions.

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    3 raid tiers and a strong possibility of a short filler raid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shedi View Post
    Just because AQ and SWP didn't offer new 'tier gear', doesn't mean that they weren't raids seperately released with a patch. They still count as seperate raid tiers (in my opinion), which means that indeed only Cataclysm had just 3 raid tiers.

    That said, I think 5.4 will be the last raid patch, seeing as Blizzard wanted to release more expansions more often.
    By that logic.

    Vanilla had 7 tiers:
    Molten Core.
    AQ 20
    AQ 40
    ZG 20
    BWS 10
    Strat 10

    Burning Crusade had 9 tiers:
    Grull's Lair
    Magtheridon's Lair
    Serpentshrine Caverns
    Tempest Keep
    Hyjal Summit
    Black Temple

    Wrath of the Lich king had 8:
    Eye of Eternity
    Obsidian Sanctum
    Trial of the Crusader
    Icecream Citadel
    Ruby Sanctum

    Cataclysm had 6:
    Baradin Hold
    Bastion of Twilight
    Blackwing Descent
    Throne of the Four Winds
    Dragon Soul

    Pandaland (will) have 5:

    But that's not how tiers work. There can be multiple raids along a parallel tier or half tier (AQ 40 was 2.5, BC had 3 dungeons on t4, 2 t5, 3 t6)
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoruga View Post
    Blizzard has made too much self criticism about the time between 4.3 and 5.0 I dont think they'll make the same mistake so soon. I think what we're gonna get is fastest new expansion or that unanounced feature will have so much to offer for players(crossing fingers for LFR for old raids)
    I doubt we are going to have the last raiding tier of this expansion last as long as the previous ones. It's almost certainly going to last longer in my opinion, mainly for two reasons:

    1. No matter how you view it, the last raiding tier of an expansion has to last somewhat more than previous tiers during the expansion, since it encompasses both the normal duration of the tier and the duration of the period where the tier is nerfed for some guilds to catch up. Right now there are guilds progressing in tier 14 in its nerfed state, while the others progress in tier 15. Come tier 16 some guilds will be progressing in tier 16 content while others will be finishing up tier 15. But in tier 16 there is no following tier to allow guilds to catch up. So the logical thing to do would be to add a period of time where tier 16 gets nerfed and let guilds that need the nerfs play. This is also hinted with the inclusion of the (in)famous unannounced special feature of Mists: being able to run older content as if it is current somehow. Why would they give players such a massive amount of content but not the time to enjoy it? Most probably in my opinion tier 16 will be extended so that guilds that need help in progressing in it will get it in the form of nerfs, while most of everyone else will play with the new special feature.

    2. No matter how fast the developers work, there is no way to release a new expansion as fast as the current tier cycle makes some people think. A new expansion is a massive amount of content compared to patches, even major ones. Just testing would take a long time to carry out somewhat succesfully, and we don't even know anything about the expansion, much less have a beta testing date. Also the fact that Blizzcon is held in autumn and not the summer, and so late in autumn actually, where the new expansion is almost certainly going to be revealed, leads me to think we have a long way to go ahead of us before any 6.0s arrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    By that logic.
    But that's not how tiers work. There can be multiple raids along a parallel tier or half tier (AQ 40 was 2.5, BC had 3 dungeons on t4, 2 t5, 3 t6)
    Each individual raid isn't a separate tier, but aq20/40 and sunwell were separate tier even if they didn't have legitimate raid tier gear.

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    We'll have 3 tiers, which I have no problem with.

    The tiers so far have been quite enjoyable.

    I think Siege will be just as epic as ToT currently is.
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    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    Unlike Scourge invasion event or Halion. We may end up with raids , dallies, events, and everything all crammed into one. Doom Lord Kazzak makes his return.
    This is something I would like to see, not specifically Kazzak but, if the next expansion is legion, we could get a final content patch after 5.4 that gives us the start of the legion invasion. Maybe some events and content based around it.

    Unless they push out the next expansion faster than ever before, we're still looking at a near 1 year gap between SoO and the 2 year mark when they usually release the next expansion. A bridging patch can't just be a scourge invasion or even the Halion patch. It would need to be bigger in scope with a good amount of content to stave off that horrible year of nothing. Or of course get the next expansion out faster.

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    I think 3 tiers is a good number to have. Sure Wrath had 4, but remember what the 3rd tier was - only 5 bosses using one tiny raid zone. Spend that time plumping out the other raid tiers, sez I. Hope 5.4's raid tier will have at least as many bosses as 5.2.

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    I believe a MOP will have 3 raid tiers total.

    5.0/5.1 - MSV/TOES/HOF
    5.2/5.3 - TOT
    5.4/5.5 - SiegeOfOrg

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    They've pretty much come right out and said that we get one story patch next, followed by Siege and that's it.

    The mark of a good expansion is not whether it has 3 or 4 raid tiers anyway.
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    IMHO we'll get 5.5 but not raid after SoG

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