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    BM PVP opener

    Hey there, just curious to know how bm hunters open in PVP to burst down players. I read the pve opener thread but I'm sure PVP is specced differently.

    Also how do you kill healers? I tried one on one against a monk...silence shot and pet stun...couldn't do shit.

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    1) Make a macro like this:

    #showtooltip Rapid Fire
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Blood Fury
    /use 16
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast Rabid
    /use 10

    2) Power Shot > Blink Strike > Kill Command > Arcane spam til BW runs out

    3) If stuff isn't dead, Readiness and repeat.

    4) If stuff still isn't dead, go run and hide because you're going to be useless for a while.

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    iwhat I do when Im playing with my spirit beasts is I have the pet open with kill command straight out of stealth followed by blink strike. Since kill command deals damate at range and doesnt break stealth, both abilities do 25% more dmg or whatever bonus dmg stealth provides.
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    Personally I've been wondering the same thing.

    I got my hunter to 90 about 1.5 weeks ago and have been pvp'ing with her almost exclusively and as much as I enjoy it I'm sure I can improve. I only need like one more piece to be full malevolent/tyrannical but some healers are impossible to kill, particularly monks. I even have a 90 monk myself and I think Blizzard has given them far too much in the way of PvP capabilities now between the rolls, ranged disarm, disarm bubble, life cocoon and instant phase out when they're stunned.

    Think I might try the macro the second person in thread suggested, one of my big issues is forgetting to hit Rapid Fire for the extra pvp power from the gear set bonus alot even though I know it will help.

    Is there a Hunter PvP thread around here somewhere I've missed? I'm relatively new to visiting this section of the forums.

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    If the monk knows what he is doing you won't kill him. Pet abilities hit extra hard during bestial wrath like blink strike and kill command. That's your opener/burst. When BW is on cd you shift to support mode, laying out traps and throwing cc around. 1 min isn't long anyway. Lines up well for burst rotation + trinket and power shot.
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