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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
    Use mine to solo the Isle of Thunder rares, especially Mumta.
    Why don't you just use a voidwalker/lord? He can tank it without problems.

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    I found many good and lazy uses for it the first boss in tempel of jade serpent, If you use a portal on each side, AND your demoic circle, due to it takes more then 15 sec to do a turn. Then you do not haev to move at all, only chance between useing demonic teleport and your gateway.

    In BG, use it all the time is always Great to use aginst melees Just a note. YOU can not use it up hill or up in towers/bunkers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nazmina View Post
    It doesn't merely drop aggro it sets it to zero for 15 seconds with no cd, extremely useful on fights with adds so they won't blow up healers .01 seconds after spawning, such as on tortos and council (sand adds) Tanks can typically pick stuff up fast enough but every now and then it helps to ensure healers won't be a target of any new spawning add.
    So you place a portal at a general healer location, put the other portal not too far away and if a healer (or dps) has some annoying deadly add on them they can use the portal to reset aggro. Is that the idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suggs View Post
    Really because by the time you have sat casting it and waited for the first orb to appear to use it you could of mounted up and rode/flew fuck even ran further than it will send you.
    The only place it seems to be of some use is either on that wind boss in HOF or using it agaist kanrethad, otherwise its a waste of time gimmick bullshit spell.

    The fact that you cant use it if there is a bit of an incline on what your stood on or to at least be able to summon it above/below or across a small gap is a piss take and makes it a waste of time. As if warlocks dont have enough gimmicky crap already.
    nonsense! it gets loads of use in raids. blade lord is obvious as you said. vizier zorlock too to get from first platform to the second. ji-kun just in case someone is too slow running into downdraft. garalon we use it to get our pheramone kiter away on the pull quickly. stone guards heroic to help with painting tiles.

    and loads of others but you get my drift. and thats in PvE! pvp every arena and msot battlegrounds will get use out of it

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    dropping it on the "toes" of bosses to allow melee to get straight on world boss's, at least thats my excuse, the real intention is that someone will always click it before raid pulling the boss and killing either the player, or the raid

    As a secondary threat dump mechanic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bananarepublic View Post
    Yeah, Kunlai. :P

    Also I looking forward to Kanrethad. Hope it isn't too hard.
    It takes a few pulls to get all the mechanics learnt, then after that its just doing each part of the fight without making a mistake If you have any trouble on it check my Youtube for a pretty useful guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    Why don't you just use a voidwalker/lord? He can tank it without problems.
    Tell that to the Vengeful Spirit that 2-shots tank pets.

    He spawns the spirit, call the Voidwalker (on passive) to my side, and use the portal to get as far away from it as possible while kiting Mumta.
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    Mandatory use for the Warlock green-fire boss
    More recent in ToT raids i use it on Lei Shen for people to move quick to far corners during transition, on Qon for the wind phase for heals and people with no movement CD's, on JiKun just in case people fail at downdraft.
    BG's anything that will LoS you really. Also if you get the glyph you don't need to click it. (for other to that that stone item thing)

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    For Lei Shen last phase where you have to burn through the winds and make sure you are nowhere near thunderstruck the gateway is pro.

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