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    H Tortos 10M kite strat question

    Hi Everyone,

    My guild is going to be starting H Tortos next week, and I’m wondering if we will be able to use the kite strat with our comp.

    Prot Pala
    Brewmaster Monk

    Disc Priest
    MW Monk
    Holy Pala

    Fire Mage
    Balance drood
    Frost DK
    Enh Shaman

    I’m worried because while we do have a BM monk, we don’t have a hunter or rogue. How do you make sure the bats don’t scatter without a misdirect or tricks? Also, the holy pala has a very solid ret offset. Should we be 2 healing this? We went kinda out of order on our progression, but we have already gotten twins which I’ve heard is a big DPS check. If we have the numbers for that, should we just 3 heal this one?

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    Brewmaster just tosses kegs at where they touch down. It's a pain in the ass since the kegs don't hit the bats until they near the ground, but it's possible.

    You could, alternatively, just DPS down the bats right by the boss, which is what we do. We did kiting for a while (when it was progression) but found it to just be more trouble than it's worth. Our Brewmaster can nearly solo them himself (damage wise), though it's not advised to let them stay on him for a really long time, even if it's just one set. So we help him kill them, and they're usually dead in ~10s or less. Then he's free to do damage to the boss until the next set of bats. It's likely only slightly less efficient than kiting (they really have quite low health), but it's much easier on the bat tank. Though the healers do need to make certain his shield stays up for their duration or they will heal.
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    Honestly? 1 heal it.

    You have a MW, the amount of raw healing from a MW on tortos is insane. Your priest can focus on damaging turtles and your pala can go ret.

    Grabbing the bats WILL be tricky, but they will 90% of the time go for the MW, so it shouldn't be hard to pick them up there.

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    Some tips from 25 man kiting, so your mileage may vary. Your monk should talent into Charging Ox Wave. Lets him stun the bats from a distance. Should be done right before a new set of bats comes up. New bats should be picked up with Tiger's Lust on the monk, just in case the slow is slow (yes, that is english) to take.

    As far as the bats going for the mistweaver. I think Inthislzon vastly underestimates the 'Hey. Hey. Look. Listen. Come chew on me!' tendencies of druid starfall. In our 25 group, if a turtle interrupts the MD barrage, the new bats tend to go right for the crit chickens.

    Doesn't fit for your comp, but shadowfury is amazing for helping to control incoming bats. So if you end up with a warlock in your group. Bam.

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    When our hunter was out we popped up two markers and made the healers alternate between them when the bats were coming out. They'll head for the healers or the pally so it's nice to know where you need to be to grab them.

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    Have your H pally throw on Righteous Defense. They will always go to him.

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    dont need a hunter at all.

    place your statue in a spot and have your hpally use RF and stand on the statue. have the BrM throwing dizzying haze on top of the hpally and if he cant time them right he can always taunt the statue and get them all.
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    When I used to kite for our guild, I used chi burst through the bats, charging ox wave anything that got near a healer, and dizzying haze as I saw them get close to the ground. Tended to work pretty well for me getting aggro on most/all the bats each wave.

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    i made it with a blue geared monk the first weak ^.^

    1 heal on evry side
    trow you stuff , and have the statue next to one heal .

    and do it with 2 heals not 3 ^^

    most of the time the same heal allways has agro


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    I've kited this both ways (monk/frost dk) and I gotta say, it's annoying without a MD/Tricks. It was much easier without a Tricks/MD as a frost dk (with chillbains).

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