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    Heroic Durumu Help!

    Hey guys ---

    We struggled on Durumu 10 Heroic with specifically the walls.


    If you guys could give us pointers, I would appreciate it. We tried solo tanking with a paladin then duo tanking and the damage was basically the same. I feel like we're doing something with the walls, they just do not seem to be dying fast enough. I could be wrong. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.


    Tank(s) Paladin/Druid(sometimes)
    DPS: Warlock/Shadow Priest/Elemental Shaman/Retribution Paladin/Assassination Rogue/Hunter
    Heals: Resto Druid/Holy Priest


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    Your warlock should be melting these walls and he/she is ridiculously low on dmg on them compared to the rest. No MF specced? Destro is viable but something is done very wrong here. Try demo(goserv) perhaps (with MF!).

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    your warlock should spec destro and just melt down the walls with mass incinerate. You have lock, shadow priest and ele shammy in your setup u can't have better classes for walls

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    I was not spec'd into MF. I'm assuming that's what I screwed up.

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    With your dps you will certainly go trough 3 beam phases, which is kinda okay if u dont have much gear. On the other hand, if you fix warlock dmg on walls you will definetely fix this. I am not a warlock, but looking at your logs, why do you spam touch of chaos which is single target ability, instead of aoing the walls with chaos wave, and why is your immolation aura doing insignificant dmg? How are you positioning? Your overall dmg is not bad but it feels you do not understand that walls consist if many small walls, with shared hp. And having in mind the idea is to burst walls, is dotting walls actually paying off?

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    Your shadowpriest isn't doing as bad as your warlock but he definitely has room for improvement:

    - FDCL shouldn't be used on any fight except for maybe Heroic Lei Shen while you're learning
    - He is not responding to DI procs when Ice Walls are up, which is a mistake. To the best of my ability, he is targeting Ice Walls and Shadow Word: Paining about 3 or 4, Cascading, and then Shadow Word: Paining a lot more after that, and then spamming Mind Sear until they die. This isn't optimal. You can either Mind Sear when all 3 walls are up and do damage to the walls and then respond to DI procs when the first wall is dead, or you can respond to DI procs the entire time and feed your Mind Blasts and DIs into the first wall until it dies and then move on to the next wall. Both are comparable. Or maybe he's feeding DI procs into Durumu, which is wrong. Either way, he's barely doing the minimum to walls by just SW:P, Cascade and Mind Sear.
    - Cascade isn't bad but Halo is better, especially for progression, because you get the on demand damage for the first wall (left) and sometimes second wall (right).

    He should aim to do 6-7m per Ice Wall phase, not 3-4.5. Here's a query to look at some spells and stuff:

    ((sourceName = "Kiyana"
    AND type = TYPE_DAMAGE
    AND targetName = "Ice Wall")
    OR (type = TYPE_SUMMON and targetName = "Ice Wall"))

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    Go destro or learn how to stack cds as demo.

    As destro: DS on the first and third --> RoF on 2-3 walls, incinerate/conflagrate/immolate with FnB and MF

    As demo: DS/service on the first and third --> bank up HoG charges (1 HoG/1chaos wave, or 2xchaos wave if youre smart enough to enter each wallphase with enough fury)+immo aura+carrion swarm+harvest life.

    You wont/shouldnt be able to beat an ele shaman, but you should come damn close.

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    First off there is no reason why you shouldn't be solo tanking this with your prot paladin. If he has SotR up for Hard Stare and drops his stacks around 5/6 during light spectrum phase he should be fine (personally i wait until the 7th application and then drop it immediately after it is applied)

    Second I don't know anything about locks (the lock in my raid group is somewhat new) so I can't comment on his dps, but your elemental shaman can easily do a lot more damage. We had our resto shaman go ele and even reforged for healing he pulled 250k dps (almost tripling the next closest person to him on wall damage).

    I have attached the log from our first kill, which was yesterday we one tank one healed it with our resto druid, we were going to have the priest heal but she was confident she could one heal it and was able to do it.


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    I'm affliction for this fight and I do decent wall damage without MF, especially if UVLS procs. Destro is scores better but it's not really necessary. We run the same comp as you (sub spriest for mage). Our ele shaman pretty much solos all the walls, it's really quite stupid.

    What we do is we stack on the RIGHT side of the wall that's beside the beam, and start burning that one ASAP. If the beam is going great that way we continue to burn it, if it goes the other way we just swap to the wall to your right and burn that. It's never really been an issue for wall dps, even on our first kill

    You definitely want to push for 2 color blind phases, or you're in trouble.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, as the above poster said, we one tank with our guardian. They are very good because they can clear their own arterial cut via FR, and the ret pally BoPs are enough to keep clearing the stacks of hard stare.

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