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    Feral - Weird Stat Weights...

    So, I know there's a little discussion going around about the validity of SimC for stat weights and stuff, and I guess I wanted to throw my two cents in and see what's what.

    The general consensus is that mastery is the most sought after stat for Feral, correct? On Fluid Druid at least, that's what is said in the guide he's got up for Feral. Anyway, I ran SimC last night/this morning, plotted out what stats would be the best, etc. and I got this:

    1.66 Crit
    1.58 Haste
    1.52 Hit
    1.52 Expertise
    1.46 Mastery

    The global settings I used were:
    25k iterations
    Low world lag
    450 sec fight, varying 20%
    Patchwerk style Boss
    Raid Boss
    1 Enemy
    Good player Skill

    Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ulate/advanced

    As I'm looking at the stat plot that SimC made, it says that, after hit/exp cap this set of stat weights goes into effect, but before hit/exp cap, the Mastery > Crit > Haste stat breakdown is right.

    I haven't reforged and tried anything yet since this seemed kind of odd, and I wanted the community's take on this first.

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    It indeed sounds like a very wierd behaviour especially since you do not have Rune of Re-Origination you are also running at normal global settings so i can't find the problem...
    What i'd do to make sure to run it one more time(check that your verision is updated as well) If you get same result regiester on chardev and then make a profile with your gear optimized you could use wowreforge to optimize your gear and then put it in the chardev and save it to a profile to later import that gear into simcraft run it with normal settings and compare the DPS that is resulted.

    Other then that i scratched my head when i saw your gear a littlebit where imo you should only ignore the yellow socket bonus in the iteam where you put your JC gem in... And actually try to get the extra socket in your weapon because it is very good imo because then you will be able to put your JC gems in the beltbucket and extra wep so you won't have to ignore good socket bonuses.
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    IIRC, mastery is #1 for DoC+SotF but the other talents change stat weights. If you are specced something like incarnation/hotw the simc stat weights might be right (I'm pretty much always DoC so idk).

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    that problem with stats was always and actualy exist , in wotlk we having cap of crit (in end ) too much ap from weapon too sucks scaling (but glad for us arp weight making good for us) then came cata ,we was strong in start but then mastery got nerfed and dot damage same was nerfed , and from those begin sucking the stats , for feral atm some weight give only two stats agility and weponDPS, that makes feral pretty god at start when content just begins , and pretty sucks at finish , so if on start of content you can to fight with rogues and other melee , after it you cant =) , feral is the class for guys who just love it .... but on one knows why we love it

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    I redownloaded SimC (I think I was using the last version and didn't realize it. Oops) and reran myself through it and everything turned out the way it should. Blergh on me for being dumb.

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