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    Anyone else getting weird statweights for hit/exp with latest simcraft?

    Even though exp is a little above cap. Simcraft is showing its worth 1.69 and showing hit worth 1.71. I imported landsoul and it shows hit being 2.00. These values seem way too high to be accurate. But could be something I'm doing wrong though.

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    Guessing you don't have the "use positive deltas only" option ticked. It's running the sim, then running it again with - a certain amount of expertise, then again with + a certain amount of expertise, seeing how the dps changes in each case and estimating how much dps 1 point of expertise is worth as a result. So when it's doing the negative delta it's dropping below expertise cap and losing dps, so it thinks expertise is worth dps when it's not.

    Run again with use positive deltas only checked.

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    Thought I had that checked off. Thanks

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