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    Tier 4 moonkin talents with 4p T15

    I heard that soul of the forest was an upgrade over incarnation once you got 4p T15, but I just ran a simcraft between the 2 talents with 4p T15 and incarnation gave 300 DPS more. Now I'm hearing that SotF isn't giving as much of a DPS boost than originally expected. Is Incarnation still the way to go with 4p T15 until 5.3?

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    So where did you hear that SOTF was an upgrade over Incarnation? Source?

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    I think there was some discussion about it during the 5.2 PTR but it turned out, no incarnation still win in any situation.

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    Depends on the fight, I can imagine that for multidot is sotf best choice and you cant simulate that.

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    Incarnation or go home, SotF simply doesn't save you enough casting time to be worthwhile if you are doing your rotation properly. Timing Incarnation with fight mechanics also heavily boosts it's on-paper value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trunkrollah View Post
    Is Incarnation still the way to go with 4p T15 until 5.3?

    yes. /10chars

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