View Poll Results: I can't let GC get away with that last blue post! Did you enjoy ToC? Favorite bosses?

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  • Beasts of Northend

    60 9.39%
  • Lord Jaraxxus

    92 14.40%
  • Faction Champions

    124 19.41%
  • Twin Val'kyr

    106 16.59%
  • Anub'arak

    85 13.30%
  • I loved them all!

    126 19.72%
  • ToC was lame and didn't enjoy it.

    335 52.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auberdeen View Post
    Maybe you guys are land-locked and just mad at life in general. TROPHIES bro, gimme that TROPHY!!!!

    and don't tell me "You face JARAXXUS! EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!" didn't tickle your prostate a little everytime... i mean cmon
    Yeah, you're definitely exaggerating. This post screams sarcasm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Hated toc liked the twin valkyr fight though as blood dk that was amazing haha, heartstrike ftw.

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    Loved the fights of TOC and TOGC, got bored of the atmosphered and doing it four times a week per character.
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    Faction Champions was fun, except for the part where 75% of the raid couldn't figure out how to play.
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    can you leftist twits just fucking admit that quantum mechanics has fuck all to do with thermodynamics, that shit is just a pose?

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    It basically being the first raid I did in game means it has a special place in my heart. Some of the fights were fun and I kinda liked the whole concept of "here we will test your might before you go and raid the ice cream citadel!" What really killed it for me was the armor sets. They all looked alike depending on WHAT is was. I.E mage gears and lock gears looked similar. Also The Facebreaker was a thing. It made me want to go Enh on my main =D
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    Actually, this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone liking ToC.

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    That was me that Tweeted that! I loved ToC but GC is right and the data shows that empyrically... ToC was unpopular for a handful of reasons. Personally I loved the fights and the theme and the way gear was handled and the Profession drops and the daily area and everything about that patch except for how soon it came out! I still didn't have Firefighter 25 or Algalon but we were damn close. Then ToC trivialized it.

    For what it was, a filler raid that took very little time or effort to make so that we could get a better ICC without going mad from no content, it was a good enough job and I have a very soft spot for it largely for sentimental reasons but from a design review as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    ToC was garbage. The instance itself just looked like shit, all the models for the ToC gear were also horrible. It was absolutely pathetic after Ulduar.
    yup, the first thing i judge an encounter on is the gear looks that the boss drops, i totally ignore the mechanics and everything else /sarcasm

    anyway to me ToC would be rated one of the most enjoyable raids, and i didnt have a problem doing it 4 times on my main, 3 times on my tank alt and 2 times on my healer per week, oh and also to me Ulduar was dreadfully annoying, long and i just couldn't bare raid nights at that time, by far my worst experience as a raid was in ulduar

    Quote Originally Posted by Garnier Fructis View Post
    Faction Champions was fun, except for the part where 75% of the raid couldn't figure out how to play.
    figures why most people would hate ToC since either they are retarded and cant think for themselves, or they had to put up with a lot of ppl like that
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    I liked most of the TOC bosses, myself, but would have liked to see more of a true raid. 1 or 2 fights in the coliseum, sure, but then Arthas shatters the floor and you fall into a sprawling Azjol-Nerub type area where you fight the rest, culminating in Anub.

    As for the gear, yeah, some of it was awful. I did like the plate sets, though, and some of the horde weapons were badass.

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    From what I remember, ToC was never supposed to be a raid, just a 5-man dungeon. The raid for that patch was supposed to be Azjol-Nerub, but got scrapped, and instead we got ToC as a raid. Also explains why there's some Azjol-Nerub stuff in ToC, and Why Anub'arak is the final boss (who was supposed to be the final boss in AN).

    We probably should be happy we got a raid at all in that patch. In Cata, they just decided to remove the raid concept for one major patch completely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    I'm 99% certain you're exaggerating. I haven't met a single person who truly enjoyed ToC.

    As someone above me said, the bosses were interesting, but Anub Arak was the only "challenge".

    As a tier, it was horrendous.
    Now you've met one.
    That said though I know most people didn't care for it as it was the first tier where we started having issues with getting people to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    I liked ToC for 2 reasons:
    1: I dislike trash to be honest so ToC was awesome that you got to fight boss after boss. Only downside was there wasn't enough bosses.
    2: I was able to run it twice every week because 10 and 25 were separate lockouts.

    However, the raid itself (look and tier gear) were pretty bad.
    agree. But I liked the weapon art in that tier
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    ToC is my second most hated raid, only next to Dragon Soul.

    Where does he get the data? Well, on their official forums in patch 3.2 everyone and their grandma had made a "ToC sucks" thread.

    Some encounters were cool, but for the most part it sucked. Jaraxxus was hilarious though, but for the wrong reasons, his encounter was very standard, but his voice always made me crack up for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    Where is he getting this data? Well maybe he is getting it from the countless complaints on the forums and throughout the community that was only saying how much ToC sucks. Everyone hated this thing.
    This. The o-boards and MMO-Champion where full of threads bashing TOC for reusing the Trial of the Champion environment, the fact that tier sets looked the same across classes for the sake of differing by faction, the fact that most of the raid was only one arena, and the boss mechanics being less complex than Ulduar's, and other reasons all caused a huge outcry on the forums for what was basically a filler raid to give Blizz more time to work on ICC.

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    EVERYONE I know and knew back then HATED ToC with fiery passion. They STILL do. It was an abomination and if you like it you are fucking weird.

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    Ah what a funny thread. "Where does he get his data?" lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfster View Post
    yup, the first thing i judge an encounter on is the gear looks that the boss drops, i totally ignore the mechanics and everything else
    That is actually a huge part of how much I like a tier. If the instance makes me think of office buildings and cubicles then there is a big problem with the art. Not just the art of the gear, but the art of the instance. It was grey and brown, I can't think of two better colors to bore people with. I am a highly visual person, it has to look good for me to enjoy it when it comes to raiding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duridi View Post
    Actually, this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone liking ToC.
    I liked ToC. It was the time where I switched from dps to tanking and did the place on 10 and 25 man, HC and normal and on 2 chars. Getting the tribute acheivement was brilliant.

    Ofc there are raids that I liked more. But looking back, I definitely disliked SSC more. I disliked MT H more. I loathed Gruul's lair. And really....if you hate that place for being in one area - Onyxia..or Malygos say hello. But I guess the idea of attuning and equipping 40 ppl over months to finally be in one cave with one dragon was somehow more epic for reasons that are impossible to explain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    EVERYONE I know and knew back then HATED ToC with fiery passion. They STILL do. It was an abomination and if you like it you are fucking weird.
    This statement goes well with your avatar. So you liked ToC then?

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    I enjoyed it, although it didn't quite feel like a proper raid. Bosses were just bosses, but the lack of trash was pretty cool. I don't really consider item design to be part of the actual raid so that doesn't affect my opinion.

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    ToC blew so hard, my least favorite instance ever. Going for Immortality was one of the most frustrating raid achieves....
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