View Poll Results: I can't let GC get away with that last blue post! Did you enjoy ToC? Favorite bosses?

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  • Beasts of Northend

    60 9.39%
  • Lord Jaraxxus

    92 14.40%
  • Faction Champions

    124 19.41%
  • Twin Val'kyr

    106 16.59%
  • Anub'arak

    85 13.30%
  • I loved them all!

    126 19.72%
  • ToC was lame and didn't enjoy it.

    335 52.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    The Lightbringer Turbotef's Avatar
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    I liked it, didn't shove a bunch of shit trash down my throat along with a truckload of dildos for flavor. Bosses were flavorful and fun and the loot (weapons especially were very nice) was decent. That and the Ony raid complimented one another well IMO.

    To sum it up, you didn't like ToC if you don't appreciate boss rush mode from most 2D/3D action games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azlarn View Post
    So you would be fine if ToC didn't contain any tiers? What's the difference? We now are 1 number higher in tier numbers than what you suggest, oh no! It still was a filler raid, and should be considered one.
    It was filler content that was treated like primary content. A whole raid tier (I'm not just talking about gear, I'm talking about the months spent in the raid as a whole) devoted to two rooms and, what, 5 bosses? Lame.
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    The only thing I didn't like about it was having the same gear looks ^^

    It was a great fun raid, specially the champions fight, Imo we should have more of those fights. It was a great raid because it was different, so once in a while it's great to change the style a bit.

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    ToC was garbage it's a shame too since Ulduar was so awesome.
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    It was a horrible raid but that doesn't mean the actual boss encounters were bad... In fact they were all pretty good. The reason I hate TOC is because the raid zone is basically 1 room.... That's ok for individual boss encounters such as Malygos or Onyxia but placing an entire raid tier in 1-2 small rooms (and the 5 man too) is just boring.

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    OP thinks ToC was not just good, but better than BoT. Clearly your tastes are questionable at best. T11 was one of the greatest tiers ever, and T9 was the absolute worst tier ever.

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    The Lightbringer
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    I actually enjoyed this raid loads, but that might have alot to do with being in a great guild with great people at the time. so memories in here were awesome

    However, i will admit that every forum ive read appears to slate ToC alot and the forum consensus is that it sucked hard... so what forums did GC actually read to think forums all love the hell out of ToC?

    Goes to show just how out of touch GC is tbh...

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    That raid was trash. I enjoy reharshed ZG more than it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auberdeen View Post
    After reading the new blue notes, I ran across this and it just pissed me off to be honest:
    -ToC was awesome because it stood on the integrity of it's encounter design. It was a minimalist approach that worked.
    I thought the encounters were well crafted. Overall the raid was not popular though. New art and architecture are important
    -Faction Champs was still one of the coolest encounters I've ever done though.
    I liked it personally, but it was less popular with players not used to dealing with no aggro, interrupts, CC and the like.
    GC, may I ask where you are getting your data from? I and practically every person I have ever spoken with, whether it be in-game, IRL friends, forums etc LOVED ToC, especially ToGC! The idea of being in a coliseum with your Faction Leader staring down upon you to engage in a no-trash, head on bout is, tbh, flipping awesome! Than to be able to do hard modes? WHAT?! dude. shit was baller status.
    I didn't know a single person who liked it from my 2 25man raiding guilds back then. Honestly you are the first person I've heard that has said they liked it. The lack of trash made the raid less annoying, but the lack of bosses and the existence of faction champs made it horribly dull imo.

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    I loved the lack of trash and the boss encounters. I was surprised that so many people disliked ToC. I saw having it all in one room as an advantage as i didnt have to trudge through a long dungeon week after week. Some people like the scenery, some dont. As for number of bosses, it was certainly a small tier compared to Ulduar and ICC. But we've had DS since, which was hardly any longer.
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    It followed what was one of the best raids(Ulduar) ever. ToC was ok, but compared to Ulduar and ICC, it was practically an instance. Heck, most instances are longer/bigger/better than ToC.
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    I bet some of the people voting they disiliked it .. don't even know what raid ToGC was.

    It was a well made raid, with well made bosses in a place and style I always liked ( arena challenges ).

    I like it , not loved it but surely not hated like some extreme guy here claim to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforthis123 View Post
    I bet some of the people voting they disiliked it .. don't even know what raid ToGC was.

    It was a well made raid, with well made bosses in a place and style I always liked ( arena challenges ).

    I like it , not loved it but surely not hated like some extreme guy here claim to do.
    TogGC was fucking awful as well

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    Put it this way lore wise:

    Ok, so we are going to assault Icecrown Citadel, but first, let's make an arena for practice.


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    No one in my guild liked ToC. It was horrible, boring and had one decent encounter: Anub'arak. A raid without trash sucks (that is my personal opinion - I like trash it lets you relax between boss kills and fool around a little), furthermore everything in the same boring circular room didn't help. The tier design was also one of the worst in the history of the game. However, I did like that Horde and Alliance had different looking gear.

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    I remember how Blizzard proudly presented ToC;"Not one, but TWO Jormungars!"..

    It made me facepalm so hard seeing the lack of creativity and work put in this whole patch.

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    I quite liked it, but it certainly wasn't enough to be a "Raiding Tier".

    ~3 hours per week of raiding, really? On average, I could complete it in about 30 mins per mode, 45 if something went wrong. One of the most boring patches they ever gave us, alongside the months of Dragon Soul there was to endure. It also made Ulduar obsolete long before the majority of raiders had completed it, which was something I absolutely hated as our guild had only gotten to General Vezax by the time they released it.
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    Overall, in my opinion, it was a horrible burn out of a raid. Doing it both in 10 and 25 man on normal and heroic in a single week, for multiple weeks, led to my, and i am sure many others, burn out of the game. No trash and only 5 bosses, which can be killed in an hour or less, becomes too monotonous.

    Now the boss fights were pretty fun though. My favorite in there is either Jaraxxus or Twin Valks. I didn't much care for Faction Champs. If I wanted to pretend I was PvPing I would go do EotS.

    It felt like a rushed raid, lazy with the armor looking the same for all 4 armor classes, and just boring being stuck in one room for most of the time. Being wedged in between Ulduar and ICC didn't help it any either.

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    Odd. I think ToC had one of the best boss encounters overall with the Faction Champions. It was very different and for non-PvP players, it did take a while to learn the fight but I think it was a very brave and interesting encounter. One that I have been looking for in terms of fighting against a group of characters rather than just the one or two as the norm we get.

    As for no trash, I recall people were complaining about trash packs in past raids and so Blizzards listen and gave us a raid without trash. The raid designs met its objective in response to what some players were asking for, a raid with no trash.

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    I think you're going to break down everyone's opinion and say that they're invalid arguements. People have voted, ToC and ToGC were crap instances. It was the first time I ever took a break because Ulduar was such a blast and the following tier was really not that great. The bosses, like GC said in his blue post, were well done, but the overall experience, in my opinion, was not up there.

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