View Poll Results: I can't let GC get away with that last blue post! Did you enjoy ToC? Favorite bosses?

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  • Beasts of Northend

    60 9.39%
  • Lord Jaraxxus

    92 14.40%
  • Faction Champions

    124 19.41%
  • Twin Val'kyr

    106 16.59%
  • Anub'arak

    85 13.30%
  • I loved them all!

    126 19.72%
  • ToC was lame and didn't enjoy it.

    335 52.43%
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    GC, ToC was awesome! Where are you getting this data?

    After reading the new blue notes, I ran across this and it just pissed me off to be honest:
    -ToC was awesome because it stood on the integrity of it's encounter design. It was a minimalist approach that worked.
    I thought the encounters were well crafted. Overall the raid was not popular though. New art and architecture are important
    -Faction Champs was still one of the coolest encounters I've ever done though.
    I liked it personally, but it was less popular with players not used to dealing with no aggro, interrupts, CC and the like.
    GC, may I ask where you are getting your data from? I and practically every person I have ever spoken with, whether it be in-game, IRL friends, forums etc LOVED ToC, especially ToGC! The idea of being in a coliseum with your Faction Leader staring down upon you to engage in a no-trash, head on bout is, tbh, flipping awesome! Than to be able to do hard modes? WHAT?! dude. shit was baller status.

    If I am not mistaken, the idea of the Brawlers Guild is somewhat of a 1man variation(with no end boss of course) of ToC, is it not? Yes, Brawlers Guild provides random mobs, but the foundation is very similar.

    ToC brought out the inner badass in you, like watching Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator, Achilles slay Hector in Troy, and similar to the feeling late in FF7 when you can do that gladiator style battling to see how far you can go for rewards.

    So, community, did you like ToC, did you not like it? Who was your favorite boss? I don't usually post threads about pointing a finger at GC whom I highly respect, but I couldn't let that post go, it made me pound my desk and my goldfish got scared : /

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    Um. I hated ToC and ToGC with a burning passion, and I still hate it to this day. That instance was trash.

    It probably didn't help that I did it an average of 10+ times a week.
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    I liked ToC for 2 reasons:
    1: I dislike trash to be honest so ToC was awesome that you got to fight boss after boss. Only downside was there wasn't enough bosses.
    2: I was able to run it twice every week because 10 and 25 were separate lockouts.

    However, the raid itself (look and tier gear) were pretty bad.

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    ToC bosses concepts (cept for faction champ) and no trash was great.

    Limited attempts, 4 separate lockouts, gated content release, and the hideous gears weren't.

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    Why did it make you "angry?" He just shared his opinion and he even acknowledged that some people disagreed with him.

    Side note: ToC was my first raid. I liked it. I can imagine people hating it though if they overplay it.

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    Where is he getting this data? Well maybe he is getting it from the countless complaints on the forums and throughout the community that was only saying how much ToC sucks. Everyone hated this thing.

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    I think the only real problem with the ToC raids was their placement. They didn't have the meat to present a full raiding tier on their own; they should've been supplementary to Ulduar, without a set of tier gear of their own. The fights were fun, Jaraxxus became a meme, etc., but it being a standalone, fairly small raid was its downfall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewOrleansTrolley View Post
    Why did it make you "angry?" He just shared his opinion and he even acknowledged that some people disagreed with him.

    Side note: ToC was my first raid. I liked it. I can imagine people hating it though if they overplay it.
    angry in terms of when: a fat person says they dont like ice cream. or a kid says they dont like playing. or person who wears cabela camo doesn't hunt. that kind of angry.

    and yes, if you overplayed it than that means you did like it and just became sick of it. thats a seperate issue though ya?

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    Indeed, there has been many polls and feedback presented that ToC was the worst raid design ever done. Short, and frequently mind numbing. It was not a fun tier at the time.
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    ToC and ToGC was pretty much crap and a really lazy bridge patch to ICC. I hated that raid, and yeah, the gear was just "blah" as well

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    Some people obviously liked it, but overall it was not a favourite among the playerbase. It was only two rooms, and even though trash is something people maybe don't say they like, it adds a lot of atmosphere and feel to an instance.
    It also came right after one of the best raids ever made - Ulduar and just before another favourite, Icecrown, and the comparison doesn't help it.
    The fights themselves were okay I guess. I personally really liked Northrend beasts, sure, it had no lore and was "meaningless" in the long run, but it was a really awesome fight, sadly it was nerfed really early and very few people saw the real fight. Jaraxxus was fine, but a little bit too easy. Faction champions was something new, and in many ways a marmite fight (you either love it or you hate it). The Twin Val'kyrs were ruined by the door tactic, and Anub'arak was fine, but a bit underwhelming for a final boss and a major lore character.
    The limited tries being so important for the loot, server firsts and achievements didn't help either, even though it actually fit with the lore of the instance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodrose View Post
    ToC and ToGC was pretty much crap and a really lazy bridge patch to ICC. I hated that raid, and yeah, the gear was just "blah" as well
    Maybe you guys are land-locked and just mad at life in general. TROPHIES bro, gimme that TROPHY!!!!

    and don't tell me "You face JARAXXUS! EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!" didn't tickle your prostate a little everytime... i mean cmon

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    ToC was garbage. The instance itself just looked like shit, all the models for the ToC gear were also horrible. It was absolutely pathetic after Ulduar.
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    ToC was amazing for making gold from GDKP runs.

    That's about it. I think most people who seriously raided during Wotlk got burnt out on ToC very quickly due to how small it was and how many different ways you could run it... meaning most actual raiders ran it multiple times a week on their mains, and many more times on alts / gdkp runs after a few weeks... so perhaps it gets a bad reputation because raiders got burnt out on it, but overall I feel like the concept of a coliseum is a good one, but in practice it didn't turn out to be well implemented...

    and the reason people don't like ToC has almost nothing to do with "new art and architecture", and when I read responses like that I realize how out of touch the Blizzard staff is... art and architecture are important because they immerse players into their world and surroundings, but Blizzard has already removed 95% of WoW immersion from the game due to convenience, so it is laughable that GC mentions them.

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    toc was not bad, the fact that it was supposed to account for an entire tier was bad.

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    I loved the raid, but it had its problems:
    1. Only 'one room'
    2. Lack of trash.
    3. 10, 10hc, 25, 25hc << Some people were doing it 4 times a week, I only did it 3 times a week.

    Point 1 and 2 wouldn't be that much of a problem if I wasn't doing it 3 times a week.

    But you are right about one thing: People are bitching way too much compared to how the raid was.
    It does not deserve the amount of QQ that people are giving in this thread.

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    The biggest problem for ToC is that it followed Ulduar. After having a blast in Ulduar, ToC killed any ambition I had to continue raiding and ultimately lead to the first time I quit the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEHPALLYTANK View Post
    ToC was garbage. The instance itself just looked like shit, all the models for the ToC gear were also horrible. It was absolutely pathetic after Ulduar.
    That can't really be a real arguement dude. Bastion of Twilight looked like cat shit and vomit mix together and that came after all of them. Progression and art are awesome and entice raiders to continue raiding(in a matter of speaking...) but I guess a lot more hated it than I assumed.

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    The only good thing about ToC was some of the awesome weapon models. They should've made a Nerubian raid instead :>
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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    ToC was one of my least favorite raids of all time. I liked faction champs but that was about it.

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