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    T15 first bonus VS T14 2nd bonus need help please :)

    I have a question about T15 first bonus,

    is it better than the 2nd T14 bonus wich reduce my CD of Recklessness ?

    The T15 fisrt bonus how it works? from white dmg? it looks like a low proc rate or am I wrong?

    I'll be happy to get a pro answer,

    many thx

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    Yes, it is. Simple answer.

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    I had done the same research. Short answer is yes too

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    Not 100% accurate, but Fury warriors with decent crit ~30% and t15 2set get about 85% Enrage uptime. Arms sees something between 60-70%. The amount of bonus Rage, Enrage damage (due to having Enrage up more) and uses of RB (Fury) makes me feel it's worth it.

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    Hello there I have a similar question, so instead of starting new thread i ll just shove it in here. I have 522 T15 legs and i just got LFR T15 gloves (502). My problem is, that i already have 517 ilvl T14 gloves (2/2 upgraded) so is it worth sacrificing 220 str and about 50 crit for T15 2pc bonus? If i put the LFR T15 glvoes i ll be sitting at 8,24% hit or something like that. So is it worth wasting some stats by overcapping hit and losing 220 str in order to get 2pv T15 bonus?

    Can't post links yet ;( But my warrior is called Exhumator - worgen on Grim Batol EU.

    Thanks in advance fellow warriors <3

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    Hello there Since i have kinda similar question i thought i'd shove it in here, rather then creating new thread for it. So i have T15 522 ilvl legs and i just got the LFR gloves (502 ilvl). My problem is that i don't know how good the 2pc T15 bonus actually is? Because atm i am using T14 517 ilvl gloves (2/2 upgraded) and if i use the LFR gloves i am losing about 220str and 50 crit. Also if i use T15 gloves, i will be sittin at arround 8.24% hit, which is again waste of stats. So my question is: is it worth gettin that 2pc bonus by wasting so much stat(hit overcap) and downgrading from 517 ilvl to 502 (220 less str)?

    I am sorry, I can't link my armory (no links yet) but my char is called Exhumator - worgen war on Grim Batol EU side.

    Thanks in advance fellow warriors <3

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    so if I'm understand it, I can leave the t14 set 2nd bonus and get the 1st of the t15?
    but still how does it works? i get enrage from normal dmg?
    it looks like a realy low proc

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    .6 rppm is a "low" rppm proc, but it can be inflated by heroism/lust/timewarp, and it has a slightly worse rppm (for Fury) than say Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun, however FFoJK is really strong as well. And the thing is, even if it's low, roughly every minute and a half you should be getting 10 bonus rage, a free Raging Blow and bonus damage based on your mastery. And, with current gear, you probably have some amount of haste that improves the odds.
    EDIT(Didn't fully answer the question):
    How it works is your white hits each have a chance to grant you the buff Enrage, which would be more or less like activating Berserker Rage, granting you all the benefits that normally follow. The time gap between it's last chance at proccing improves the chance at proccing, meaning as time goes on, it's more likely to proc.
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    thx allot recke, im understand now.


    rppm ?

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