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    Health / Mana timeline over the course of a fight

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for an addon or a website or something, that shows some sort of "timeline" of health and mana/energy/rage whatever over the course of a fight...

    The general idea at first was something to show how the mana level of a healer is during a time in order to analyze whether they still need spirit gems or not. But I think, if there exists something like that for mana, it ain't a big problem to do the same for the others (i.e. for rage or energy, if it is capped out often or not, stuff like this). but mana would be sufficient to start with.

    I know, it is not working for worldoflogs, because they are purely based on combat logs, and manalevels/usage does not show up in those logs. so I think, the same is true for any other website based on combat logs. But my logic tells me, something ingame (even if it only works for the player using it, and it most likely will) shouldn't be impossible, yet I haven't found an addon that does something like this, let alone having the ability to program one by myself...

    because often you simply get oom during a fight (then you know, something went wrong and you just had to heal too much or you are pressing the wrong buttons, but when you defeat a boss, I don't think that anybody instantly looks upon their mana bars and check "hey I'm still at 30% I have enough spirit" or "hey I'm close to oom, this could've gone wrong if it took any longer...". so something that tells you the mana level via a timeline would be perfect. that way you could analize "oh ok in that phase was bloodlust, thus the throughput and thus the mana usage was higher, in that time my trinket procced, so this is why it's lower blablabla." or for whatever purpose one could use that.

    I hope you understand what I'm trying to ask for.

    sincere regards,

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    Interesting idea, i don't know of any, but spell choice has alot to do with it as well as many other factors (such as people standing in stuff).

    The way i do it with my healing team is to look at fights and what mana they end on, if its over 30% then they can afford to drop spirit. If they OOM alot then we look at spell choices to see if they could heal more efficiently before looking at gaining more spirit.

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