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    Making kgpanels art, is photoshop a must?

    As the title says, was watching the video below on how to make kgpanels art and i wonder if it can be done in paint.net or is PS illustrator and PS a must?

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    Can your application save 32-bit TGA? if yes, you can use it.

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    If you can't afford PS or don't want to acquire it through dubious means, you can just DL Gimp. It does most of the same functions, and is absolutely free. This is what I've used to all of my UI Art editing and such.


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    Thanks guys, will try Gimp out!

    EDIT, making you're own kgpanel art was a bit more complicated then i thought, does anyone know a guide using Gimp or Paint.net? The one above is kinda good for nothing without PS and i have no experience what so ever in this area

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    Chult, would you mind giving me a quick walkthrough on how to make a custom piece of art?
    Lets say i want a simple black 1px circle kgpanel, how do i do this in Gimp or Pain.net?
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    I tried using Gimp recently and its tga saving format doesn't seem to be 32-bit. So I found gimp unusable unless I'm just doing something very very wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuni Zyrekai View Post
    This dude has it right. It's not the latest version, but if you're just making KGpanels this should be everything you'll ever need and much much more.

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