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    Coming back from a couple month break...

    Hey guys, I'm coming back into the WoW world after a couple months on break. I dabbled a bit in 5.0 but not much after that. I was just curious are things still as crazy as they were? And my 2 main pvp toons are Rogue and Lock....when i left rogue's were probably the worste melee in the game at that point...still the same? As far as the lock...they did ok when i left but couldnt put out the pressure like they used to...Just kinda seeing if I should start working on these guys again or maybe think of re-rolling...

    Also...Don't say..."play whatever class you find most fun.." blah blah blah...i find them both fun, also find other classes fun, just asking on how they're holding up...not looking for FoTM just dont wanna be facerolled everyday lol

    Thanks in advance

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    No, rogues are arguably tied for best melee in the game with UH DK's right now. Locks are about the same position as they were in.

    So... all in all, your Rogue is a good choice. They rock right now.

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