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    Post Professions in MoP and their respective bonuses.

    I have come across this awesome list (made by "sylancer") of 5.2 MoP profession bonuses from Wowhead comments, so i would like to submit it for a sticky here on MMO-Champion forums:

    Profession Perks:

    Mining: Toughness (+480 Stamina)
    Herbalism: Lifeblood (+480 Haste)
    Skinning: Master of Anatomy (+480 Critical Strike)

    Swordguard Embroidery (-180 Critical Strike, Hit or -200 Stamina; +1,000 Attack Power)
    Lightweave Embroidery (+320 Intellect)
    Darkglow Embroidery (-180 Intellect +750 Spirit)

    Fur Lining - Strength (+320 Strength)
    Fur Lining - Agility (+320 Agility)
    Fur Lining - Intellect (+320 Intellect)
    Fur Lining - Stamina (-170 Mastery, Dodge; +750 Stamina)

    Blacksmithing: Socket Bracer & Socket Gloves
    +320 Strength, Agility, Intellect or
    +480 Stamina or
    +640 PvP Power, PvP Resilience, Mastery, Critical Strike, Haste, Hit, Expertise, Spirit, Dodge, Parry

    Jewelcrafting: Jeweler's Facet*2
    +320 Strength, Agility, Intellect, Mastery, Critical Strike, Haste, Hit, Expertise, Spirit, Dodge, Parry or
    +480 Stamina or
    +640 1/2/3 PvP Power, 1/2/3 PvP Resilience

    Synapse Springs (+320 Strength, Agility, Intellect)
    Phase Fingers (+480 Dodge)
    Incendiary Fireworks Launcher (Incendiary Fireworks every 45 sec)

    Enchant Ring - Greater Strength (+320 Strength)
    Enchant Ring - Greater Agility (+320 Agility)
    Enchant Ring - Greater Intellect (+320 Intellect)
    Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina (+480 Stamina)

    Secret Tiger Fang Inscription (+320 Strength)
    Secret Tiger Claw Inscription (+320 Agility)
    Secret Crane Wing Inscription (+320 Intellect)
    Secret Ox Horn Inscription (+480 Stamina)

    Alchemist's Flask (+320 Strength, Agility or Intellect)
    +320 Flask of Winter's Bite Strength, Flask of Spring Blossoms Agility, Flask of the Warm Sun Intellect or
    +480 Flask of the Earth Stamina, Flask of Falling Leaves Spirit

    Just to point out that the creator of the list also included the "lost" (negative) bonuses from enchants/effects that can not be placed if the profession's own bonus enchant/effect is put on your gear (if you use Tailoring cloak enchant, you can not put a regular enchant on it as well).
    Also cooldown type bonuses, like herbalism's lifeblood (2880 Haste/20 seconds on a 120 second cooldown), has been recalculated as a "passive" bonus (as if used on every possible cooldown), so you can compare it to the truly passive bonuses.

    While it is not the prettiest list in the world (of warcraft) it is very useful and accurate for 5.2 - not to mention the ONLY one i have seen around that is actually updated.
    It would be awesome if one of the moderators here would make this sylancer's list a Sticky so all players can benefit from it's useful info.
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    Secret Ox Horn Inscription is actually 480 stamina, not 450.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voidspark View Post
    Secret Ox Horn Inscription is actually 480 stamina, not 450.
    Fixed, thanks for posting

    Would be great if a mod would make a sticky out of all this data.

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    While it might be obvious to more experienced players there is a lot of difference in "bonus flexibility" between professions, meaning that JC/BS can choose almost any stat as their bonus while certain other professions (like Inscription or LW) can only receive a very specific (but still useful) stat bonus for their spec.

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