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    Your opinion on the new TFB?

    Hello. What is your opinion on how Tate for Blood works now in 5.2? I don't know if this is considered a nerf or a buff, but I really like it.

    1. I don't have to manage and pay attention to stacks
    2. I always have something to do, no blank GCD's anymore.
    3. Seems pretty powerful to me, perhaps too good? I don't know, but instead of having a low chance of hitting big with a 5 stack TFB, now we can use a pretty hard hitting ability atleast 2 times per GCD now. That's great.

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    It would be more fun if the rotation wouldn't be going around just with the OP's - because the lack of rage regen. So in a way I prefered the older version, because it allowed me to mix single target and AoE efficiently and it allowed me to build burst when it was needed.

    It would have been a buff overall, if they wouldn't have nerfed warrior's toolkit like the leap glyph, OP's ragecost, removed deadly calm and then the Recklessness nerf. They only compensated it with WW rage cost reduction and higher deep wounds.

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