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    Looking for ideas for my ui.

    So im a lvl 90 Fury Warrior and im looking to improve my ui. The problem with a custom but "normal" ui is that i always have to look down to my buttons. but i would rather look at my char all the time.
    i tried to align my 5 main abilities at the center with a thin rage bar in between, but it kind of doesnt feel right.
    sooo anyone got some clever ideas to minimized time spend looking at the bars?

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    Comergy: Use for your Rage bar. You can put little 'bars' along it to indicate certain amounts of rage, e.g. 30 for Heroic Strike.

    TellMeWhen or Power Auras or Weak Auras: Tracks your abilities, cooldowns, proccs, and pretty much anything you'd ever want to track... You can literally get rid of the remainder of your UI (not that you have to) and have either of those addons cover the rest in a much more efficient manor.
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    To clarify: of course i use keybinds.
    i find i really hard to play without having the combination of range and global cooldown indicator and on top of that if i have enough rage for an ability without taking the step to compare it to my actual rage.
    of course i can play with an ui like most have with solid results but for example on megaera i have to keep very concentrated not to stand in a poison nova while looking at my bars (time frame doesnt even need to be more then 1 or 2 seconds) if green heads get killed.

    Thats the ui i just set up while trying to improves the points i struggle at. downside is that it covers quite some space on the left... thats why i want input

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    I had the same problem now I use ElvUI with 2 action bars just below the center area with Omnicc,Ragebar and Elvui Hud. It works fine for me.

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    I use several of the aforementioned addons for fury. One that I personally love and rarely see mentioned is Event Horizon. It helps me visualize my rotation in terms of moving blocks of time and that helps me plan out my rotation.
    If you want to see it in action, you can check out a video I made a while back (can't really vouch for the overall quality of the video though-made several mistakes.)
    youtube code gwv3sARfm8Q (I can't post links yet)

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