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    T14 2 set vs T15 2 set bonus

    Just want to know how the T15 enraged bonus compares to the 25% increase to BT bonus? Does the enraged bonus benefit from mastery also? I don't think the uptime of the enraged bonus is very high.

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    I'm thinking to drop one of my T15 and put my heroic T14 back on as soon as I get another T15 piece so I get both T14 and T15 bonuses

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    The enrage is just as any other enrage you get.
    So yes, mastery will buff it.

    Second part im not sure tbh.
    You could sim it yourself and find out i guess :P
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    Any comment on when to drop the T14 2 piece bonus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstg View Post
    Any comment on when to drop the T14 2 piece bonus?
    Depends on gear. I accidentally DE'ed my 496 tier chest or I'd be using that over the 509 garalon chest for example. BT w/ 2p is around 8.6% of my damage. without it's around 6% or so. That's around 2-3k DPS depending on fight.

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    If you can get the legs I'd definitely change it out because the legs give so much crit over the tier 14 ones.

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