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    Warrior 100% crit block cap?

    Was wondering if anyone knows what the exact mastery cap is (softcap??)
    for when u have shield block up to actually critical block every incomming attack?

    I dont know if this is reachable, but it would be nice to reach this, since i dont really like stacking stamina, and like having high block (ever since cata )

    Sorry for [email protected]#$ english

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    Will only be reachable with heroic+upgraded+"thunderforged" items in the last tier of the game if you have mastery proc/use trinkets. But as with all percentage stats in WoW it has a natural DR and people will likely not go over the 65% unbuffed mark.

    edit: the second part is more of a "if it were able, we likely won't go for it anyway" kinda point.

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