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  • Give the item back, shouldn't be penalised for an honest mistake.

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  • Keep the item, their fault for not specifying the correct BO.

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    TBH i would be fucking embarrassed to have the item returned to me

    Some people need to learn to be more careful in the future

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    Really it all would depend on what he said to me when he sent a whisper. I would be inclined to return the item, but if he said something rude i just might keep it.

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    Buy it and give it away to someone you knew who could use it, but could not afford it. Pay it forward

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
    Name one country that allows sellers to confiscate purchased goods from you because they made a mistake during sale. Or one company that does that.
    German, but it has to be a reall obvious mistake like a switched digit where it is totaly clear that it was worth much more.
    like buying a computer online for 1 euro instead of 1000.

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    ll if he contacts me i would tell him give me 50% of real value and I will give it back...

    But TBH if a store makes mistake they have to sell that item for that amount. Few years ago siste bought some jaket for 20$ and actual price was 200$....

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    No offense, but I'd probably tell them sorry, and pay more attention to what you're selling. As stated above, department stores have to honor their mistakes, people on the game should as well.

    If I messed up I wouldn't expect to get it back or more gold. I'd cut my losses and make sure my next auction was listed correctly.

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    Nope I would have no qualms about using the item and would not give it back. I'd probably even block the guy if he tried to talk to me to avoid any whining about HIS/HER mistake.

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    I want to say I have whispered someone before to warn them that they were listing something very low. Usually that's the sort of thing I don't have gold to buy at either it's more likely market value *or* the lower price, so buying and returning it has never really been something I've thought about.

    Now, for valuable but not absurdly rare/valuable items, I would probably just buy it and walk away happy. I think I've done that with an Archaic Defender before. But if it was Teebu's for 500g, I'd probably buy and return. I mean, imagine how excited a player was to get that to drop, because they knew how much gold they could get to buy that X they wanted, like a vial of the sands or whatever. Think of how angry and frustrated they'd be to realize they botched it and wasted it. Think of when you have been that angry or frustrated.

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    If hes nice and he caught me before I equipped it, sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelessone View Post
    Name one country that allows sellers to confiscate purchased goods from you because they made a mistake during sale. Or one company that does that.
    US, Sweden, Denmark, France, Holland - to name a few

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    Honestly, there's no moral imperative to return the item. In the past in a similar situation, I've returned it, but that's because I was feeling magnanimous. Flipping improperly priced items is bread-and-butter to most Auction House players. If the "victim" is someone whose been around the block a few times, they'll feel like an idiot for a while and move on, and if they're not...

    If they're not, well, they've learned a valuable lesson about checking their buy-out prices before listing high-end merchandise. Seriously, people. Check your prices. Particularly when you're using an add-on like TSM (assigned it to the wrong category! oops) or the Remote AH.

    But yeah, if the guy seems nice and you want to make his day, give it back. But don't feel guilty if you don't.

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    I was in the market for a Relic of Xuen in 5.0 (worth around 25k back then) and I saw one posted for 45g. I snatched it up real quick but didn't equip because I knew it was too good to be true. Next day the guy whispered me and I gave it back right away.

    Best deal I've ever seen on the AH but it's not worth losing sleep over the fact I knew I screwed someone over.

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    Sounds like an elaborate scheme to keep selling an item and reusing the value until someone doesn't give it back.

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    I have sent someone money when I got a deal that was ridiculously good and I know it was a mistake. Normally this is for lower level characters that don't know the value of what they're posting.

    If I bought a "steal" of something at max level I'd likely just keep it and move on with things. People should pay attention, especially since you get a confirmation dialog. If someone messages me politely, before I've used the item, I might be willing to make a deal to give it back for a "nuisance fee" that is reasonable + my bid price. If they write me whining and insulting me, then I'd offer to sell it to them for the real value if I were in a kind mood, or simply place them on ignore and move on if not.

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    Keep it and hope he doesn't learn his lesson and does it again, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knadra View Post
    Sounds like an elaborate scheme to keep selling an item and reusing the value until someone doesn't give it back.
    Do you honestly think people mean "give it back" to mean give it back and not be repaid for the winning bid? I think you have a different understanding than most of us if so. That would be ridiculous in any event due the posting costs and AH cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fargus View Post
    Consider: Someone posts 522 crafted gear on the AH, but the buyout is 2000g instead of 20,000g like a few of the others (as an example). You thank your lucky stars and you buy the item for 10% of its actual value. You suddenly get a message from the seller, who begs you to return them because he missed a "0" in the buyout field. Do you:

    a) Give them back.


    b) Tell them 'too late, that's the price you set, that's what I paid for'.
    Rofl, no. If it was posted on the AH at that price, it was fair game. I've been a victim of that before, and while I was mad, I made no attempt to get the shit back. It's a game, it's not that big of a deal.
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    I once had a situation like that.

    In WotLK I happened to snipe a dozen of flasks for something like 40 silver each, while the market value was 40 gold. No later than a minute after I bought it, the seller whispered to me to thank for purchase. I politely explained to him. He accepted his mistake with honour, without begging for return or swearing me.
    In the end I returned the flasks to him. I guess, if he hadn't whispered me I would have kept them.

    A couple of in-game mails I exchanged with this completely unknown person are one of the best things I associate with WoW, and "costed" me only a virtual gold in the amount that four years later can be collected from single daily quest hub.

    To conclude: it is up to you, what are you going to remember from WoW in, say, 10 years: "Incredible" bargain, that shall become meaningless in another 2 expansions, or an accidentally met person, you can do a favour.

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    Depends entirely on how he would ask me.
    If the seller would be very, very polite - then yes, I'd probably return it.

    If not, I would keep it or send him a bit more, but just as much as it's worth to me.

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    I try to be a nice person whenever I can and help people as much as I can but when it comes to AH and making those kinds of mistales, tbh, I'm not sure if I would give it back. Yes it can happen to anyone but typing the wrong price is their own fault. I've done it before and I've never begged for the item to be returned no matter how much gold I lost. People should be more careful with valuable things imo.
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