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  • Give the item back, shouldn't be penalised for an honest mistake.

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  • Keep the item, their fault for not specifying the correct BO.

    147 76.17%
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    Being the overly greedy person I am I'd sell it back to him for about 10k. He's still able to make double that on the AH, and I get a nice some of easy cash.

    Then again, all this being hypothetical I might just have equipped it / sent it to an alt / friend or something, eh. Who knows. Also depends how he acts when he asks.

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    I'd give it back if they whispered me (and were polite about it), but if I they didn't I'd sell it on.
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    I would prob give it back.

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    Keep it, not my problem they made a mistake. Being nice gets you nothing, being a dick gets you another 20,000g.

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    I would return them, but charge an extra 1K gold so a (3000G CoD) that way I don't lose out to much and the seller learns a lesson =D

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    I tend to have a very guilty conscince, so I would most definatly give them it back, or pay full-price to them... That is, if they messaged me. If they did not happen to message me, I would send them a mail telling them what happened, and the remainder of the gold of what they should have really sold it for.(Lowest AH price of the item currently.)

    Damn, most of you guys are so mean! Wouldn't you want someone to do the same for YOU if you forgot to press that "0" key one extra-time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spicy View Post
    I'd give it back if they whispered me (and were polite about it), but if I they didn't I'd sell it on.
    Good point. If they were obnoxious or overly-rude/inappropriate I would tell them to fuck off!
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    I'd keep it and send him some extra gold.
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    Nope, wouldn't even think about it. Your mistake my gain. Its happened to me before, but I manned up and accepted my mistake instead of whispering the buyer.

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    If they asked nicely I probably would give it back. I mean, it's just a game, is feeling like a jerk worth a bit of in-game currency I'll just blow on repairs anyway?

    But I don't think it's some kind of act of social justice or anything.
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    Wouldn't sell it back to him, it happens to everyone now I just use an addon that auto decides the price!

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    Generally I prefer being selfish, but if the guy asked me in a genuinely humble fashion, I'd probably keep the item but toss him a few extra k (not full price though) for it. That way he learns a lesson but I still get to brighten his day up a little and not feel like a total Dickish McAsshole over in-game currency.

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    back in cata i got like 5 tsunami cards for 100g guy ment 10k....his addon broke i was ina good mood and he was rather polite about it so i gave all5 back to him for 1k for all

    rule#1....dont be a lazy prick self post auctions dont have an addon do it
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    I'd keep it, but I'm not one to let people get away with their mistakes.

    Hell, when I'm at work I log a toon at the neutral ah and catch things people are trying to send cross faction. Made over 250k this week(about 10 actual minutes of work)
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    Another mans error is my gain. Just last weekend the delivery guy gave me back more than he was suppose to. I didn't complain and walked back in with pride and pizza!

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    Id keep it, if he messages me about it ill just go ahh ok well better luck next time then, then log off.
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    Depends. If I bought them to resell I'd probably return them... maybe... no probably not.

    If I bought them to use, they're already soulbound and it's a SoL situation.

    Also depends on how they ask me. I've had people come right out of the gate calling me an asshole or claiming to report me for buying their mispriced items. (they don't have a chance at getting the stuff back.)

    If I'm in a really good mood, I would sell it back to them for double what I paid.

    As far as moral issue, I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

    I've made the same mistake at times. "Take your lumps."
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    18k is a cheap price to pay to learn such an important lesson. I can't imagine not double and triple checking the price of any high value item before posting. Therefore, I don't have much sympathy. Now, if it were a question, for example, of mining a node when someone else is killing mobs by it, no I wouldn't. Why? I sympathize with that situation.

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    I probably would have equipped it and said sorry. I might send them a little gold, but yea I wouldn't send it to them cause I would have equipped it.

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    Maybe if I bought the item specifically to re-post it at the correct price. I mainly used the Ah to buy cheap, raw mats for crafting alts to sell their product. If it is a mount or armor, I equip them right away.

    If they are courteous in their PM, I would not be against paying out some extra gold.

    Along similar lines, I have had people whisper me when they their bid was 50% of the buyout and I won it on the bid price. If you are gonna play the AH accept the fact you will make mistakes from time to time and lose some gold.

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    I'd bargain with him, a deal is a deal.

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