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    Question Math : Calculating the stacking PPM trinket?

    Disclaimer: This is a post for math and theorycrafting people. It will be about numbers and formulas. So you might find it boring. I'm not sure if General forum is best for this kind of thing, but it doesn't belong anywhere else.

    5.2 is bringing us some trinkets with pretty interseting proc mechanic. They have no ICD, use Real PPM, and, most importantly, stack up to certain number.
    The last detail makes it hard (at least for me) to calculate exact average benefit of those trinkets.
    I have pretty good math background, but statistics have always been my weakness.
    So it got me curious.

    Can anybody with better knowledge of probability theory and statistics find out a formula to calculate their benefit? Keep in mind, both stacking and stack limit are important here. Getting a second stack basically gives extra benefit for the first stack. If that didn't happen, it would be straightforward (1+Haste)*PPM formula...

    I did manage to make a program that would run an emulation to see the numbers, but I'm still interested in exact formula.
    Old Gods made me do it.

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    bump - looking for an answer to this question at the moment.

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