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    New laptop for uni/gaming

    Hey, basically, i've decided to buy a laptop for university and study. I spent about £1,000 on a homebuilt rig last year, but i don't make full use out of it, and i find myself out of the house a lot more than i would usually.

    >Current Specs
    >I5 3570k CPU @ 3.4ghz
    >16GB ram
    >Nvidia Gforce GTX 560
    >1TB HDD
    >260gb SSD

    Plays every game i have ever tried on ultra, completely smoothly. Wow, sc2, diablo 3, LoL, Modern Warfare 3 (Etc etc etc). I am aware the GPU is a bit pants, but i was limited to a budget, and decided i valued the processor more than the GPU, as i could upgrade the GPU at a later date if needed.

    What i want from a laptop
    • The ability to play wow on ultra
    • The ability to play most games on at least high settings
    • To spend no more than £800
    • To have as much HDD space as possible

    Now i have found a few different laptops online, but i'm not too sure which ones would be the best to go for, which is why i am here asking for some help!

    Choice 1: http://www.ebuyer.com/411390-acer-as...p-nx-rznek-004
    Choice 2: http://www.ebuyer.com/441608-acer-as...p-nx-m1zek-010
    Choice 3: http://www.ebuyer.com/409453-samsung...np350e7c-s02uk
    Choice 4: http://www.ebuyer.com/479917-lenovo-...laptop-m81khuk

    I'm not limited to ebuyer, i just have always ordered parts/stuff from them over the years, and love the next day delivery in my country, as well as the waranty. Any input at all is greatly appreciated !

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    Getting it to play WoW on Ultra is asking a lot, especially if it has a 1080p monitor. That's just asking a lot from a laptop, not saying it is not possible, but you are going to be spending much more than it is worth IMO. Most laptops however have 720p displays, so it doesn't take as much to get that to hit Ultra, but your still gonna be looking at spending about twice as much as a desktop capable of the same thing.

    Someone will probably come along with more specific advice shortly, in the meantime, Sager is highly recommended around here with Asus falling not far behind if I am not mistaken. I would start taking a look at those.

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    Noone of the laptops above will handle WoW on ultra sadly. Your looking at running other games at low to medium.
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    Any suggestions then? I would want to play atleast high settings.
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