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    Planning on starting a 5v5 team.

    Hello mmo!

    Me and 4 friends are thinking of starting a 5v5 arena team, now that we have accomplished our challenge mode Gold goal. We been talking for a while to start doing arena's in a more serious fashion.

    But truth is, i have only played arena in lower brackets 1500 while 1800 is the highest i have ever been able to achieve in 3's. Never done 5's. tbh, ive never really bothered with arenas and only done it for fun when i was bored of pve.

    Got a couple of questions that i hope you guys are able and whiling to answer .
    - Are there specific tactics involved 5's?
    - Any specific class's that synergizes really well together?
    - Exactly what is the meta for 5's? like 4 dps + 1 or 3 dps + 2 healers or...?
    - Any specific things we should be aware of when doing actual 5's?

    Our team is: Rogue (me), Mage, Paladin, Priest and shaman for now. But got a bunch of guildies that might want to tag along, so im pretty sure we can "build" whatever comps that are good nowadays.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not really special tacts, there is so much going on 5s that you will probably wont be able to keep track of things, so generally tacts are to not overlap ccs, and def cds, and line up off cds, which is quite hard to do 5s.

    I'd say best would be to go with rsham, hpala healers, but also disco, rdruid, mw can work, and mash of 3 dps, probably the best could be, in this order fmage, spriest, uhdk, lock, bala druid, sub rogue, hunter, warrior. But didn't really get to 5s this season so I am just guessing. The synergy between dps is similar in 3s so you can check that out too. For beginning team it is better to go with 3+2 really.

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    The main tactics is 2 healer but other than that get someone with good cc that doesn't dr with everyone and their mum in the team.

    Personally I still wanna see a 5v5 team of rogues only.
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