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    What am I doing wrong???

    I'm looking for ways to clean up and improve my dps

    Here is the parse for the top US rogue on Jin'Rokh

    Here is mine from last week

    What am I doing thats so wrong?
    I'm putting out more damage but he is just creaming me in DPS. What can I work on that will up my numbers. I understand that my gear is worse than his, but is it 60k dps worse?

    What can I work on to be better?

    I use this fight as it seems to me as melee to be the most Patchwerk-esque fight melee have had in a while...
    It also shows me specced into shuriken which is just for dailies, etc. I use anticipation like normal people for this fight.
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    Use comparebot for this: http://raidbots.com/comparebot/5162f...d00025b#damage

    First take a look at your kill times -- their guild killed the boss a full 1 minute and 40 seconds faster than you guys. You may have out-damaged him, but it took you way longer to do as much damage, this means that your DPS is going to be way lower. Longer kill times automatically mean that your dps is going to be lower, because you are spending way more time outside of Bloodlust/Heroism than he is, compared to the kill time. Your guild needs to get better, put plainly.

    They killed the boss at 173 seconds. Simple math says that at 173 seconds you personally had done ~31 million damage, and he had done ~41.7 million.

    At the link above, look at his melee hits/minute -- 92.3 vs. 78.9 -- he's simply hitting the boss about 14 more times per minute than you, and he's hitting way harder, each one of his white hits is about 10k more damage than yours. That's a lot of it, tbh. That's going to be gear, and Bloodlust/Heroism skewing things in his favor due to his kill time.

    Apparently also combat logs don't seem to show Conductive Waters, which is the +Damage debuff you get from standing in the pools, so I would say make sure you're standing in it at all possible times, as I can't tell whether you're doing that or not. :-/

    (Edit) As for rogue rotations, I don't know them well enough to comment on that but with the comparebot link above you can see exactly what he did line-by-line vs. what you did, so that's a good start.

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    I'll check your log in a moment to see if I can find glaring performance issues, but in short, YES, 18 ilevels, a 4p bonus, 1:40 off the kill, and Stormlash do, in fact, make up 60k DPS. He has his potion active for 11% more of the fight than you, and lust for almost 9% more of the fight. Those are HUGE bonuses.

    Log: you use 2 envenoms while rupture is down. That's a pretty simple fix. Nothing else stands out.
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    Tyvm for the quick replies, and ty for that link...will be using it often now

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    Apart from gear, the biggest thing is the killtime. Faster fight = more relative impact of big cooldowns like vendetta or heroism/bloodlust because of their uptime related to the total fight duration.

    Better gear makes boss die faster, which counts even more - more damage in a shorter time = bigger gain in dps, and 60k is totally compatible with your two different situations.
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    That best log has insane uptime on Envenom, he got a lot luckier on Venomous wounds and had a fair few more crits on his combo point builders.
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