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    For Megaera just do the normal thing while you keep on killing heads, just remember if you do like us and pop hero at the 6th rampage (after we killed the 6th head) then you want your cooldowns up there.

    Also I wish that each head wasn't like the 11-13 yards apart they are. Such a scumbag move from blizz. I want NT to be able to hit both D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eihwaz View Post
    which certainly wont be an increase dps because you have plenty of time to invo
    It is not about the time to cast invo. Incanters ward even if unused at all is still OK. But if your guilds tactic not to kill blue head you are going to use IW almost off cooldown.

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    I reached 145k with unglyphed combustion, Only thing is that you need to use it on cd and don't wait for trinket procs etc. i did a bit of scumbag dps, when head was at 5% i dotted other head with NT and Pyro dot. That way it will keep taking dmg when he dives under. No point in keeping dot up on 2 heads on progress.

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