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  • I love Warcraft as much today as the first day

    89 35.46%
  • I love Warcraft, just not as much as I did then

    69 27.49%
  • I'm growing less fond of Warcraft, I miss those days

    61 24.30%
  • I hate WoW for changing and wish it would go back

    25 9.96%
  • I hate WoW and would never come back

    7 2.79%
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    The same thing happens to me every 3 months or so. I just make an alt with no looms and level them 1-90 before i play my main

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    I was kinda waiting for Blizzard to do something about the dead servers, but if there isnt gonna be any improvement to our spooky town of Stormwind, after 8 years im gonna call it a quits and start moving on to guild wars 2.

    I really loved WoW from TBC to Cata. It was an awesome way to spend time and fun thing to do with guildies and friends. But after the server started dying and raiding fell apart after that, i really lost interest in the game. It wasnt anymore 6+hours / day, it changed to 2-3 hours /day.

    These days i really struggle to log on and go do dailies and LFR.

    For now it seems im gonna cancel my subs and spend the summer with guild wars 2.

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    Honestly, it goes in waves for me. At times I just long for the old days, were I was much more engaged in the game. Then I find some little detail like the hobbit hole in 4 winds, or read some new story, and it's like I'm a little kid at christmas again. I will probably never play WoW as much as I used to ever again, but I'll probably stay engaged in its story, and play every now and then, for a long time.
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    uh i really dont hate the game... i just dont care anymore. but still i know that i will never ever play this game again.

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