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    looking for good modular PSU to OC PC.

    So i got the cx750, but it seems it doesnt give me enough volt to oc my setup.
    Also when i'm playing games, it will often make a high pinch noise & scratching sound also. I guess the PSU is dying.

    The PC setup I currently have is in my signature.

    I was thinking of a 750 HX, but will it be enough, thats the question ?

    PS: I'll replace the Hyper evo 212+ with a H100i
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    Check here and read the descriptions for each series of power supply for which one best suits your needs:


    Also try using Corsair's Power Supply Finder to help check and see how much power and what size psu you'll really need:


    After you figure out which one you want to go with try going to www.Newegg.com, imo they have the best deals and best service when it comes to getting computer parts. I've used Corsair psu in my rigs, used their power supply finder to help see how much power I needed for my build and used their descriptions to help find which series best suited me so I know these links work from experience. Good luck and hope this helps!

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    as an owner of the Corsair HX750, I would get the AX instead for its fully modular design. and since you said "the cx750 isn't giving you enough volt", then why not go for an 850?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xplodje View Post
    I was thinking of a 750 HX, but will it be enough, thats the question?
    Yes. Your system doesn't break 500w OC, let alone 750.
    I would get the AX instead for its fully modular design
    I wouldn't. I don't see the point in paying $20 extra to make the one mandatory part (24 pin and 8 pin) 'modular'. That's like selling someone a car that has the option of having the wheels not installed when you buy it.
    and since you said "the cx750 isn't giving you enough volt", then why not go for an 850
    750 is enough. 650 is enough, actually. He could probably get by with a 550w of good quality.

    His PSU is probably dying, or defective.
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    Seasonic M12ii 520 or 620.
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    As he is from Europe, he might also want to look at BeQuiet:

    BeQuiet Straight Power E9 580W 80+Gold (I have the 480W version, and it's awesome)
    BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 10 650W 80+Gold

    But i probably would stick with the Straight Power, because the Dark Power is nearly 50 € more without any real benefit that it can see.

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