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    Easiest Levelling spec

    I was wondering what the easiest rogue spec to level with is? Doesn't have to pull amazing numbers, just has to be easy to get hang of (I'm levelling with a friend).

    Thanks all
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    Assassination is very easy to learn and is currently the raiding spec. Though I would recommend combat if you're doing dungeons, not too difficult and great with adds and for quick damage.

    Good luck

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    So far I've been leveling with assassination. Been pretty easy.

    At one point (mid level), your remaining rupture will give back energy when the mob dies, so it's almost no stopping.

    Make sure to pick up glyph, Glyph of deadly momentum. Helps quite a bit.

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    My rogue alt is level 40 and leveling as Assassination feels really slow. I have to manually put up Slice and Dice (don't have Cut to the Chase yet) and I'm constantly energy starved due to not having Rupture or Venomous Wounds yet.

    I might switch to Combat and just grind dungeons till 60. It's kinda stupid Assassination has no AoE or cleave until Fan of Knives.

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    Nothing beats Subtlety with Glyph of Deadly Momentum
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    dunno if its easiest but i solo-leveled my second rogue(undead) as Sub, back in cata. sub can be even more fun when leveling with a friend.
    if you prefer dungeons or aoe quest mob kill/grind then you should consider combat. but combat is a boring spec imo.

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    In terms of easy, combat would be my entry-level spec of choice. You just spam Sinister Strike until you see 5 red dots on whoever you're trying to kill, then Eviscerate. If you can keep Slice and Dice up that's nice, but for levelling that really is the extent of it - it's unadulterated hack n' slash.

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    I hate sub for leveling, shadowdance is 100% useless vs NPC as they auto face you and you cannot get ambush off unless you stun them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    I hate sub for leveling, shadowdance is 100% useless vs NPC as they auto face you and you cannot get ambush off unless you stun them.
    Well, stun them then. Or spec Cloak and Dagger. SD is not useless, although granted you will only use it against mobs with lots of HP. As Sub, most thing are dead or almost dead before CS runs out (spec Shadow Focus for cheap stun).

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    With heirlooms and two 308 ilevel daggers I brought from the AH I am an unstoppable leveling machine. 82 atm and mobs in Deepholm die Ambush, few Hemo's Eviscerate and onto the next one. If you open with glyphed Cheap Shot mobs mostly die inside it. Deadly Momentum glyph and on you go. I vote Sub. It's super great for PVP too, which you will encouter with the new x-realm. Hyjal for instance was filled to the brim, super awesome to be a ballin' rogue!

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    Yes, Sub is awkward while leveling as its main CP generator and its only CD require you to be behind mobs. But it's still doable, I leveled my first toon entirely as Sub.

    I'd say either Combat or Assassination would be the most convenient. Combat has great cleave (nerfed a lot now but still good), you can pull a heap of mobs, pop evasion and BF them down. KS and AR work better than Vendetta since they aren't tied to one target, which will always die before you're 1/4 of the way through Vendetta. Depends on personal preference, you might find Combat a bit boring and Assass has a nicer rotation.

    But if you really love Sub it's not that bad, it can be done.
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    Combat. You don't even have to stealth to be effective and that helps a lot in dungeons and chain-pulling when questing.

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    Combat, because of how spammable sinister strike is, and that helps a lot when mobs die fast in dungeons etc.

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