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Thread: What Next?

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    What Next?

    Currently Have a Hunter, DK, Priest, and Warlock at 90.
    Deciding what to level next and i need your help!
    What exactly do i like?
    A blood DK never dies and a hunter has pretty huge burst. That's what i like. Everything i play feels pretty squishy though. Even with PvP gear so i decided to get one of my 85s to 90. Survivability and wonderful damage would be awesome. Cool looking gear would be a huge plus. I like to PvE a lot but i want to get into PvP a little more.
    I currently have an 85 Druid, Warrior, Shaman and a rogue. Also a few other lowbie classes.
    I'd like to focus on getting one of the 85s to 90 first though.

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    Grab a die and assign your characters with a number and roll it, enjoy your new leveling character.

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    Warrior! Fury gets some burst every 20 seconds with Colossus Smash and lots of burst with CDs. As for survivability... you wear plate, you have lots of defensive stuff like Die by the Sword, banner, etc. and if you're really in a bad spot you can always heroically Heroic Leap and leg it (maybe after a Hamstring/Piercing Howl).

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    Survivability of this thread is zero, due to "What shall I play?" threads are forbidden....
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    Ah didn't see that, my bad. I knew quite a few rules but i may of skimmed through that part. I checked over and read their not allowed. Well at least i know now, not to do these.

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    Yup, going to just close this

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