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    [H] <Embers Rising> Defias Brotherhood, LF Raiders

    For general info on our communty, please check the official recruitement thread here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...7800913?page=1

    We are community guild first and foremost. We do however have an active Raid Team who seeks progression but with an aim to keep the elitism out and fun times in. This team have lost a few players recently, so we want YOU to come have fun with us!

    We are just about to start ToT, but lacking the rooster to fully do so, this is where you come in!

    Our raid days are currently Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 20.30-23.30(00.00 sometimes) server time. This however have been discussed to change, with a recent poll being conducted and results to be implemented soon.

    We distribute loot via Loot Council, who will be the officers in the current raid, with 1 random raid member. We believe this is the best system for loot. If Loot is your number 1 focus, this is not the guild for you. We see Loot as a bonus and not a necessity.

    What do we want from you?
    We need you to be first of all, a cool and relaxed person, since that is the base of the guild. All of us are really friendly and we like to keep the environment of the guild that way. Your gear is not as important as your attitude! If you are a mature friendly guy or a girl who likes to be part of an awesome guild with plenty of active banter chat you are going to love Embers Rising.

    We do ask that you research your class and be prepared. Basics being gemming, enchanting, reforging. This is not elitism, this is out of fairness to the other raiders who want to progress. You being optimised as best you can is a great help. (The expensive enchants are not necessary though). Also, having somewhere around ilvl 460+ would also be a good thing, that way we can progress faster and not having to gear you up. (Although if you show loyalty and commitment to the guild this is not a problem. Don't expect to join and instantly be geared)

    Currently we are in need of any class really, so feel free to apply!
    Tank:2 (-3)
    DPS: 2-3(-4)
    Healer: 2-3(-4)

    Having Heal or Tank as your OS if you apply for another role is always appreciated, since we might need you to step in once in a while to do other stuff. We wont tell you what role to play, you can switch this up at any time, just let me know if you do.

    Raid Leader of Embers Rising
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