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    If you care about progression for your guild, loot council is the only way to go.

    DKP systems have problems no matter how well-designed. You may have people "saving up", or purposely passing on temporary or small upgrades because they don't want to be passed on later, bigger upgrades. You may have a system that ends up with many people capped, forcing you to have a secondary system to resolve ties, or people so far ahead that they can't be beaten, or so far behind that they can't even get items that are clearly much bigger upgrades for them over someone that would only use it until another item drops. You may end up gearing up people that aren't important for the next fight, effectively wasting the gear (e.g., gearing up healers for a DPS check fight, or getting the 4pc on someone sitting out for the next progression fight).

    Any system that solves all those problems simultaneously ends up being functionally identical to a loot council.

    DKP systems and similar are useful for keeping track of the day-to-day item logistics and making sure you're not assigning too much to someone (without meaning to). But they work best when they're not there to make decisions for you, but only to make decisions easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Loot Counsil will ALWAYS be baised..
    Rolls will always be RNG..
    DKP favors effort..

    That said, we used (Konfer) Suicide King in my guild during Cataclysm.. It worked well for our 10man guild..
    DKP doesn't favor effort. DKP rewards manipulating a broken, arbitrary system.

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    We just use rolls. While it does favor the lucky, in the long run things tend to even out. Besides we're only a 10 man guild; it's easy to talk about loot before pressing that Need button.

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    All the systems have their good and bad things. The worst is Rolling for items Tho.. DKP and Counsil are my favourit. Loot counsil is the best when the people in the counsil are 100% fair to the guild, but this is not allways the case. It really depends on that. With DKP can be manupulated, so also has it bad sides..

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    I'm GM of 5/13 H 10 man guild and I do solo (myself) loot council

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    One thing I dispise more then anything in this game with loot: Officers and GM giving themselves loot priority. There is nothing more destructive to a guilds morale (apart from women )then this.

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    Loot council, every guild I've been in that's used something otherwise has been a shambles.

    Like the the Hc raiding guild I used to be with, I'd run the same as them. Tanks and Healers having slightly higher Prio, people who'll complete set bonus's first over other up grades, and having a full knowledge of BiS lists for the classes in your raid, can't afford to have favoritism though, which was the only problem they suffered with severely.

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    DKP. /10char

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    I give the loot to the person who will benefit from it the most so my raids power would be always optimized to the max. That said the people obviously have to be good too. If we missed like 1 person from raid and got a random and he did poorly but the item would best for him i would make him pass on it. I dont believe in loot whores so i just want the TEAM (many people fail to realize a raid is indeed a team) to do its best and be the best

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    I've used bid DKP for 40m in Vanilla, been on a loot council for BC, ran a Suicide Kings for LK 25m, and a free roll system since then. The DKP system often lead to people starving themselves on upgrades to get that 1 item while others bid low and upgraded quick. The Loot Council was a disaster since everyone always looked out for their own friends at the expense of the guild. Suicide Kings was scammed by people trading gold for other people's suicides. The free roll system has been the only drama free loot system I have been a part of but that may be due to most of our groups willingness to trade to people who need the bigger upgrades. No system is perfect so it's really about finding the one that works best for your group of raiders.

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    EPGP for 25 man, too much of a headache to manage loot council there

    If I was doing 10s I'd loot council it, since things would be a little less "organisation"-like and a little more "small elite group"-like

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    Group loot, need before greed. Works like a charm.

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    I was GM of a raiding guild for a year, we did a simple /roll if it was a good upgrade, we were a tight knit guild and it was not a problem. People frequently passed if it was a minor upgrade, in favour of those for whom it would be a bigger boost.

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    Effort/time = loot
    However, you can always alter it and make your own dkp system to balance the group a bit.

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    DKP hands down. everything else is just drama and disaster waiting to happen. DKP you show up you get the points you get the loot, only ones that ever bitch and complain that it is unfair are the slackers that think 60% attendance should give you as much buying power as someone that is there 100% of the time. Seen the excuse of real life blah blah it is unfair i cant get gear as fast as someone else. Yeah no lies that's the crying i have seen on the objections to DKP.

    Show up and put up and DKP will work wonders for you.

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    Probably in the same way it was handled back in Ascent when I raided during Wrath. People would roll for what they wanted, people who already gained gear that run would be put behind people who hadn't, if people rolled the same number then it was given to the one who would gain most from it. Naturally there were never any problems arising from this as everyone knew each other and it was a solid raid team and we trusted the way loot was handed out.

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    Loot council ofc. It is the only way to gear your raid properly. Any points based system is nonbiased, thus leading to better loot going to people that don't need it firsthand, i.e. tanks or healers gearing while you're stuck on dps check boss, which is plain stupid. To be honest, we don't have much of a "council" there, its just RL giving loot, only asking for council if she's not sure which is the best option. We raid this way since ICC (were in other guild with DKP before that), and it perfectly fits our raid.

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    As a 10 man we just roll. We've been together a while, so we'll often pass for other regulars if we won the roll last time.

    You'll never hear as many people refusing loot as you do with us. "Ah, more expertise, wtf? You take it!", "Haste sucks dick" and "WTF is with all these necks?!"

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    I raid in a 6/13 heroic 10-man group that's been running since the beginning of Cataclysm. We've always just gone with Need/Greed rolls and a bit of common sense on top of that. If an item is a huge upgrade for someone else and a small upgrade for you, you pass it on to them for the biggest benefit of the group, pass on items you won't use right now due to set bonuses, etc. It's quick, simple and has no added overhead outside of the raid (no DKP or other lists to update and keep track of). We spend more of our time pulling bosses during raid hours and discussing strategies outside of raid hours instead of fussing over loot. I wouldn't want it any other way really.

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    DKP or EP/GP, loot council nearly always causes arguments and leads to a lot of drama. Especially over things like Shard of Woe.

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