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    Loot Council moderated DKP/Suicide Kings for a 25 man raid, common courtesy moderated /random 100 for a ten man raid.
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    I was GM of a 10m heroic raiding guild, we essentially just did a mixture of rolls or our members were close enough to be like "nah you take it, you need it more." It usually went peacefully so it worked.
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    Loot council, it is how is handled in my guild and works well. The person who needs it the most/will contribute the most to the raid gets loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Easily solved by having relatively low cap on points.
    that doesn't make a player come to progress nights because "i'm dkp capped"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    One thing I dispise more then anything in this game with loot: Officers and GM giving themselves loot priority. There is nothing more destructive to a guilds morale (apart from women )then this.
    I'm a women and I've never destroyed any guild in this game... What a bs stereotype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krob View Post
    that doesn't make a player come to progress nights because "i'm dkp capped"
    Totally right. My guild had a montly "decay". So people were obligated to spend as quick as possible. Hoarding was pretty stupid in our system. You wouldn't lose all your points tho. But a good chunk was gone and if you (the one with the highest score) would skip an evening, you'd no longer be on top anymore. Or if you bidded on 1 item (with good competition ofc) you would automatically due to this decay, no longer be on top either. Usually you'd be 2nd or 3rd lowest, depending on how much points you had hoarded. Usually the one with the most points was already the best geared due to RNG. But every raidtier, the points would be reset to almost nothing or a flat 0. The first raid would be rolling for loot.. after that raid, it was back to spending the points again. Worked fine.

    Capping is a silly way to handle DKP really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarela View Post
    I'm a women and I've never destroyed any guild in this game... What a bs stereotype.
    It was sorta meant in a funny way. I know and I have seen/experienced women that were fine players. But I cannot say I met many. I could turn it around and say that my guild was pretty poor in handling women basically. Probably true because of all the women we had, only 3 were reliable/no drama/excellent players. The rest was paranoid/unskilled/too casual/out to get it on with an officer to ensure a nice place "above the plebs".

    That is my experience sadly. And looking back I will again say that it might also have much to do with the way we handled the women in the guild. We treated them as guys basically. I thought that that would be more fair to ensure there is no favouritism based on sex or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarela View Post
    I'm a women and I've never destroyed any guild in this game... What a bs stereotype.
    Sorry, but it was decreed on the interwebz that all women have the Helen of Troy effect in every game, everywhere in the world!

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    so far I have been in guilds that have used
    Zero Sum.

    I found EPGP to be the most accepted by everyone to handle the loot, Although I can see where a loot council would work as long as people where honest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    Sorry, but it was decreed on the interwebz that all women have the Helen of Troy effect in every game, everywhere in the world!
    Thats true as long as they do not post a picture of themselves on the guild forum or have a screechy voice

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    When I was part of a Loot Council (The two GMs and myself as an officer), if someone on the council wanted an item that person had to sit out of the discussion. Felt like a very good decision, as that person wouldn't be able to try and convince the others or to try and make the others feel guilty for not giving them the item. Not that I think any of those two people would do that, but it's a good precaution.
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    Loot council can work, but personally I think it depends on what people vote.

    I remember being in a guild with loot council and you'd have a greater chance of getting items if you performed well or were simply behind in terms of gear. Every single raid I was out DPSing all other DKs. We had this crazy tactic for Deathbringer Saurfang where the DKs needed to slow the adds because DPS was so low. I was the only DK that managed to put Chains of Ice on my add every single time (and never fail, while others constantly did) and still maintaining in the top 3 DPS.

    Week after week I pwned all other DKs and melee DPS, but I never got any loot. Now sure, I didn't really need the gear, because I was already ahead of them. But, in a few weeks, their gear became better than mine and I was still beating them. They barely improved. I was basically working my ass off without any form of reward for a month, before I finally got a piece of gear.

    Loot council is great, but you need to have people voting that actually know something about each class and about the players. When you say to the voters that the person they're given the item to hasn't got a clue what he's doing (he was expertise and hit capped TWICE) and still give him the item, then it doesn't work.

    I usually go with rolls and then add a few rules to it. Tier is always handed out with special rules. People that already have 1 or 3 pieces have priority over those that have 0 or 2 pieces, as they will get their set bonus, etc. Max items per raid is two, unless the people you are rolling against also have received two items. Tiers don't count.
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    My favorite loot system I have ever used in any guild I've been in has to be suicide kings. For those who don't know what that is its basically a list. it goes like this
    1) Johnny
    2) susie
    3) edward

    and so on and so forth. Whoever wants an item says "bid" or something in chat when that item gets linked. whoever has the lowest number wins that piece of gear and drops to the bottom of the list. new players always start at the bottom.

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    Raid rolls with a bit of council of all players in the group, if someone is a bit too lucky. In 10mans works like a charm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    Loot Counsil will ALWAYS be baised..
    Rolls will always be RNG..
    That is idea beehind a loot council tbh. A LC is bias to the person with usually the lowest gear lvl and in some cases also to the guy that wiped 200times on that boss till his item finally dropped and it it went to him instead of the crappier geared new guy.
    If they are bias to friends it's not a lootcouncil but a bunch of lootwhores ^^

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    EPGP, following priority for all except for tier, where we prioritize who complete a bonus instead of a person with 0 or 2 items alredy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaxtrixias View Post
    Loot counsil is the best when the people in the counsil are 100% fair to the guild, but this is not allways the case.
    I had this problem in ICC. I joined a 25man guild as a tank. ICC had only just come out and the GM was gearing himself while other people could realy use the upgrades to help the raid as a whole. I let him have it in vent only a few weeks after joining the guild and told him how much of a fucking asshole he was on vent with the whole raid team there. Half the raid team (even some that had been there for awhile) seen my point and told him to fuck off as well. I and some others left the guild that night and half the raid team followed. We ended up joining another 25man guild that was always the old ones competition and the old guild ended up falling apart a week later. So i made a whole guild fall apart because i couldn't stand greedy assholes lol.
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    Loot council with wishlist is the best system I saw during my wow "carriere".

    Classic loot council (I was in the loot council as every other officer, honest distribution based on loot repartition, presence and performance). The only difference is that every player made a wishlist of their "BiS" and when a piece of their list droped they had priority over "non list need" but will then be locked for the whole tier with this piece (or at least until really nobody need something).

    With that kind of system you are pretty sur to have a well geared raid, and that you give the super OP drop (often weapons/trinket) to the best class/spec.
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    10man? Rolling / DKP system

    25man? Loot council of about 5 people.

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    Just curious, how do you "cheat" DKP / EPGP? The prices are structured such that higher impact slots are worth me. If someone wants to save all his DKP for that shiny weapon, fine. But in most DKP / EPGP systems weapons cost almost 4x what an off-piece costs.

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    Distributing loot is simple, really. The gear goes to the person, who using that piece of loot, would benefit the guild the greatest. DPS check fight coming up? Give it to a DPS. Having Healer trouble? Throw it to the healer that it benefits the most. Tanks getting instagibbed? throw it over their way. Honestly, if you have any kind of loot drama in your guild, replace the people who are causing it.

    I led a heroic raiding guild all through Cata using the philosophy "Gear for the fight, not the individual" and we managed to full clear everything in a timely manner.

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