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    52 12.12%
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    82 19.11%
  • Loot council

    216 50.35%
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    I will decide who gets the item.
    The person who has the lowest gear will mostly get it, unless it's also needed by a top player who dosen't have it.
    IF two lower geared peeps want it, i will let them whisper me Rock, paper or scissors. Whoever wins in the rock-paper-scissors whisper game will get the item.

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    Im fine with EP/GP but I prefer Suicide kings. I hate DKP and loot council. Loot council is almost always biased and I have seen issues where people amas a shit load of dkp and then stop coming to raid untill new content is released. They then go in win everything and stop going to raid again. SKS is my fav system so far. It rewards attendance like DKP while still allowing new raid members to gear up.

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    Probably some hybrid between epgp, biggest upgrade, and making sure that loot gets spread as evenly as possible.
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    i really liked the system back in TBC and still do.
    but the guild i am currently in just using rolls.
    and since i am very casual, rolls is just doing just fine.

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    The last serious raiding guild I was in did loot council, which worked great for us for years. The only issue I had with it was that we did tend to give the better players gear first, but when someone is 10,20,30 ilvls ahead of you (and this was before lfr.) there is only so much you can do to improve yourself.

    personally, and I know this isn't on topic, but I hate this whole "ilvl" thing. I would rather the person who needs the stats more get it vs. the person who needs the ilvl more.

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    Generally speaking, my favored method council, followed by a variant of random rolling.

    (When random rolling in a guild, my favorite method was always to do /roll, but to favor people who hadn't won anything yet. That way you avoid situations where one person wins 3 things and a second person who could use all 3 items gets nothing.)

    DKP systems (of any stripe) are designed around a mercenary mindset, wherein everyone tries their hardest to maximize their personal loot. They don't work as well if you have guild members actually be nice to one another, or give gear to someone who needs it more for the greater good of the guild.

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    Voted Loot Counsil.

    I've been an officer in a 25m guild during the Tbc / Icc times which used loot counsil, I've been Gm of a 25m guild from the start of Cata up til about 3 months ago when I gave it away to an officer, also used loot counsil there.
    Mind you in both cases, clearing all or the majority of content at heroic, before any major nerfs

    Loot counsil works if the players you have, are all wanting the same thing, admittedly in the above there was a few cases where people would sometimes roll on items that was purely an upgrade, and that is the only major drawback by this system, as you don't want to spend 30min dividing loot while checking each persons bis-list.

    If I had to choose another system, it would be Dkp with a weekly decay to ensure people spent their points wisely rather then trying to whore to stupid amounts, in general it's also a system that most know how works after a small explanation unlike Ep/gp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keilith View Post
    Im fine with EP/GP but I prefer Suicide kings. I hate DKP and loot council. Loot council is almost always biased and I have seen issues where people amas a shit load of dkp and then stop coming to raid untill new content is released. They then go in win everything and stop going to raid again. SKS is my fav system so far. It rewards attendance like DKP while still allowing new raid members to gear up.
    Loot council is unarguably the best system from a guild perspective, but it takes a lot of work if you want to do it right. I and my wife ran a loot council back in Cataclysm, and we had a full spreadsheet set up with every raider's gear setup, what upgrades were available, and what their simulated dps/hps/effective survivability (being brief here, there was more that went into it) before and after each upgrade. Best in slots always went to the class/spec for which it was BiS, and if there were multiple choices the item went to the person for whom it was a larger upgrade. All math and methodology was open for the guild to view at any time, and if they had a concern or complaint or wanted to choose a different piece for their BiS than what we came up with, they were welcome to do so (we had a few people personalize their lists before the raid tier began.)

    Edit: Having the lists drawn up ahead of time meant that loot distribution was quick and easy as well; everyone knew ahead of time where an item would go if it dropped, so all we had to do was refer to our list, hand out loot, and go.

    As with so many systems, open communication and logic remove most of the problems from loot council... though Suicide Kings isn't a bad system either. I don't like it personally, but it works well for what it tries to do, and is a hell of a lot less work than the system I just described :-P

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    I would go loot council, best way to bring the raids gear level up as a whole.
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    Loot council for sure. I endured various forms of DKP in TBC and beginning of Wrath and it just never seemed to work well. The main one we used was for TBC and I found that anyone requiring a physical DPS weapon would pay twice as much for a full set of raid gear than classes like a Mage or Priest. The GM also insisted that if you wanted something for off spec, you'd have to use DKP, which meant we never had any decent geared backups because people never 'wasted' their DKP on offspec loot that would help us in the long run.

    Currently using random rolls with a loot council that steps in. If someone wins two pieces then rolls and wins a third we step in and make sure that third piece goes to someone else. It works because we're all nice about it. 10m casual guild.

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    We use EPGP + council makes things verry fast.The players itself make a prio list of items who they will want
    We do not have prio on tanks and healers for TR parts also but also highter guild rank dint give you a advantage in loot too.So every one is happy and i dint see a single drama for the past 3 and half years

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    Loot council for 10man raiding, loot council/logbook for 25.
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    I do Loot council, and the other members of it are people that I choose which are people that know how the game works and have knowledge of all classes/specs Stat weights/utilization of items.

    It is the easiest way to bring your raid groups up as a whole, instead of 1 person getting lucky rolls/spending built up DKP on items they CAN use but shouldn't due to them being a much larger upgrade for someone else/being just a bad|wasted stat for the class in question i.e. Arms Warrior's in Cata taking Haste Plate over Frost Dk's etc.
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    Loot Council, but seriously....who cares about loot?

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    OP is asking for a heroic guild. Unfortunately (in my opinion unfortunately) for heroic groups the loot contribution has to be done differently than with normal teams.
    You have to make sure to gear up the tanks and healers. And next to gear up the most effective DPS players. Players, not necessarily the classes.

    Personally, under normal raid conditions I prefer a different system, which worked out very well for my raids.

    Main Spec over Off Spec with a little twist to it:
    As main spec counts the spec you are using throughout the raid. Exceptions may happen if the raid lead is asking you to change specs to ensure a better raid quality.
    If you win a main spec item you will not receive another main spec item until other raiders that share the same loot proficiencies also have a main spec item win, or no other raider wants the item. In this case you are entitled for a main spec roll again. If no raider claims a main spec roll, the item will be moved to off spec roll. At this point, every raider whose off spec fits the item can roll. The ms item rule applies again.

    That usually prevents a single raider walk away with multiple items for ms and os, while others get nothing.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Back when I was an officer in a heroic raid guild we just used rolls. The more you run the greater the odds that you'll have the items you need, but if we had to run a replacement we don't tell them they are being used to fill a spot but will never have a chance at loot.

    We had an unofficial loot council in a way anyway. People refused to roll on upgrades when they knew it would be a bigger upgrade to someone else. Then again, most guilds probably wouldn't handle it as well as ours did.

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    I've raided with the same group for 7 years so we do rolls. We never have any drama since we're very casual. Most of our guys will pass loot if they received something that night or recently or another person needs it more. Additionally, the loot stays in the group so whoever gets it, it does help the raid. It does help that our lock who is our strongest DPS wins almost every roll. We've been saying he uses roll hacks for years jokingly.

    Basically we did what the guy above did with the exception of pugs. My logic is if you come and kill a boss with us you have as much right to the loot as anyone else. I'd never tell someone we need them to raid with us but can't roll on loot.

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    Rolls. Assume that people are sensible and will pass on gear if it's a much bigger upgrade for someone else, but don't force them to if they don't want to. Just roll for it and move on, no arguing. It's not the most fair system and it's not the most progress-oriented, but it leads to the least drama. And in the end, that's what's going to kill your guild. Your guild won't disband because you didn't distribute loot optimally and had 0.1% too low DPS to kill the boss that week (you may disband because you failed to progress, but loot distribution won't help with that unless you're constantly wiping at <1%). You're going to disband because minor disagreements add up to the point where people can't get along anymore.

    I've been raiding in the same guild since 2006, and we've tried all kinds of systems over the years with people coming and going. In the end, simple /rolls are what has worked best.
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    Heroic progression-focused guild? Loot council.

    I'm the GM of my own guild and we're mostly a friends&giggles guild though we do take raiding kind of serious (within the boundaries of how serious a game should be taken) so we use EPGP for fair distribution.

    Yet, if we were a progression-focused guild, I'd deffo go with loot council so I could make sure I had the most important roles and players geared up first.
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    for 10 man - just rolls with rules
    The one that didn't win in this raid>Someone who already won something. -> Main>Alt -> MS>OS

    We're using this system since Wrath and it's the least drama-causing loot system.
    I don't see a reason to have like 50% of raid to be in the loot council for example..
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