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    The guild I'm in now does Loot Council. It works out well since we only raid 2.5 hours, so we normally just have the raid leader pick up all the gear and distribute it at raid's end(first boss loot may be distributed earlier depending on when we kill), instead of spending raid time doing loot.

    LC works well when there is no bias and the council is fair and objective, which is how it is in my guild. I don't mind DKP either, but there are a lot of issues with that as well.

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    Loot council. Progression raiding is about killing as many bosses as you possibly can, the loot should go to which member that will then provide the biggest boost to the group in turn for getting the item to maximize the raid group.

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    if ur pushing realm firsts / high world rankings - loot council with biggest upgrade gets it
    if ur semi hardcore - epgp (about as fair as it gets imo and what im currently using) but really anything works with mature people.
    casual raid team - /roll with a bit of common sense and preferably no drama queens.
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    Our guild is currently raiding 10-man, so we do /roll (MS > OS, with those who are expected to use two specs able to roll both as "MS"). We all like each other, though, so there's a bit of voluntary loot council mixed in, with people passing if they feel they've been incredibly lucky already or if they feel the item is a bigger upgrade/better fit for the other person.

    One caveat: In our experience, /roll doesn't work for 25-man raid groups, and we switched to dkp during the expansions we did 25-man raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    OP is asking for a heroic guild. Unfortunately (in my opinion unfortunately) for heroic groups the loot contribution has to be done differently than with normal teams.
    You have to make sure to gear up the tanks and healers. And next to gear up the most effective DPS players. Players, not necessarily the classes.
    Most of these hardcore guilds I hear about gear the dps first. If you ran around gearing all your heals and tanks first, you would fail to meet dps checks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightZero88 View Post
    Because by being totally random everyone has a fair shot and nobody is deciding by some made up rules.
    Loot council: Some random people are deciding who gets loot because of how they feel. Better hope you never piss off a loot council member or no loot for you.
    It is a very, very strange view on LC mechanism. You look at people who do your loot distribution as they are your sworn enemy who do anything to prevent you from gaining an item, which is just ridiculous. LC is basically gearing the raid in the most effective AND even way, not any personal raider favouritism. If you managed to have a bunch of lootwhores trying to justify their greediness behind LC in some guild you've raided with, I'm sorry for you, but do not try to make every guild using LC look like that.
    To be honest, reading most of the comments, all people are using counsil distribution in one way or another, even if they think they're using DKP, EP/GP or random rolling. Why? Because almost everybody do loot corrections. Not giving many items in a row to one person, for example, already looks a lot like loot counsil. What is the reason to use DKP if a person with the most points can't have as much loot as possible if this is his wish? None. Then why bother with all that addons, web-pages, downloading, uploading and so on, if you're anyway using corrections in your loot distribution systems?

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    Loot council is horrid. People are not fair, it is simply not in human nature to be fair. Guild I was just in had 5 people who shit did not stink, unfortunately they were the officers. Bad ones, guild went from 600 to a ghost town and they didn't realize they were the problem. All guilds are like this, every single guild I have been in always has the haves and have nots. Loot given to a have not is considered a gift and you should feel grateful, loot taken by the haves is deserved.

    Always the way it is. Excuses are always made "I was top dps" = "DPS isn't everything" "He was top dps" = "I thought dps wasn't everything"

    Loot council is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    I'd say take Mr.Robot's stated BiS list with a grain of salt
    Learn to use it before you complain about it. Don't use default weights.

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    I've raided under /roll, dkp (where they just gave the loot to whoever they wanted anyway), and EP/GP. The best system from my experience was EP/GP. You could whore your points and blow it all something or spend a little here and there.

    Edit: What I was getting at was I'd use EP/GP. Of course each guild is different and sometimes you need to do different stuff.

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    It really depends on your guild.

    If your guild is doing it for the loot, then I would use a system that focuses on spreading the loot out as much as possible. Naturally, you may not accomplish as much if you min/maxed your loot, but your people will be happy, and assuming you're not running a system that can be gamed, loot should be distributed across the raid evenly.

    If your guild is doing it to down bosses, then I would use a system that focuses on getting the gear into the hands that are needed to accomplish that.

    If that means you know you're going to need to gear up your offtanks DPS set for a specific encounter, need to capitalize on bursty DPS, need to capitalize on AOE, a loot council, who's all motivated into getting the boss down is ideal.

    Naturally, there's going to be shades of grey, where some people want dead bosses, and other want loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightZero88 View Post
    Yes, I agree that you can run into an issue of a select few always winning but in my guild at least people will pass to others if that's the case. However, that being said you say that the other systems are better but then say to just leave guilds where those systems cause issues and to me that just seems silly. You say DKP and loot council are the best systems but also say if they cause drama because of favorites leave the guild. How can they be good systems if you have to leave a guild because of the issues they cause?

    And the guild collapse without proper management? My raiding team has been together for 7 years, we've always rolled. We let pugs roll same as everyone else and we've NEVER had any loot drama except from temp raiders we've brought in who only caused issues because they wanted loot all the time. That was their issue not an issue with the loot system. And I am the raid leader. If you're mature and don't think you are greater than everyone else rolling works fine but maybe its because raiding with friends and having a good time is more important than pixels that will be replaced in 3 months to us.
    Dude really - we're basically saying the same thing. You have a team appearantly (a guild) that can deal with rolling and will pass if they win too much. Rolling in itself is inherently flawed because if you want to keep things fair, people have to be (yes HAVE TO BE) mature about it. Mate, ANY system will work properly if people are mature about it.

    However when you have people who are not mature about it and the guild has no choice but to hold onto them due to lack of proper recruits whatever, rolling is flawed. You cannot deny that. While DKP in that case will be more fair under those conditions. If you have people who are immature but the people who control the lootcouncil are mature, lootcouncil is also a fair system.

    It depends a lot on who you have in your guild. So I am not saying your system is flawed for YOU. And I won't deny that DKP hasn't got any drawbacks, I personally do not like DKP at all. If anything with the remnant of what is left of my guild (I quit as GM and thus people stopped raiding), would not even have a lootcouncil - we would see what would have been dropped and then would have discussed who this would be most suited for. 10 people in total who are all above 28 with families etc.... could easily decide who gets what. And no one would ever cry about loot. That is some form of lootcouncil other then that everyone is part of it. We could also roll, which would work too as long as people pass for one another when they get geared too quickly vs others. Maturity is what is fundamental in these systems.

    But in 25 mans you can pray all your guildies are mature but most often not everyone is. Hence most 25 man work with a form of DKP.

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    My guild has us discuss it with the other people that need the item (for example, we only have two vanq users, so the mage, and myself (dk) talk it over, and decide who its better for) we all know our classes, and whats our bis, and what not, so its fairly easy to figure out who its best for.

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    Seriously, if a guy joined the guild on wednesday, we kill a boss and a trinket dropps wich the rogue ( who has bin here since let's say the start of it ) needs. But the feral druid who joined 1 day ago wins the trinket, he gets to a certain Ilvl wich he can join his wanted Hc progress guild , leaves the guild and the trinket never or rarely dropps. you lose out on DMG for a progress kill.

    In this means, DKP be giving like , 100 for showing on time, 150 per boss, 350 per progress boss, 500 or something when raid leader says " if we get it down now! " this system worked great in my old raid, and if a piece dropps and nobody wants it or it is a minor upgrade to a raider and big one to a recruit , ofc we can just hand it to him. But it gives the people who bin in your guild , progressing on hard bosses, helping out get loot first and be first in line. Is well deserved in my eyes.

    I would probarly keep mount myself ^,^
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    we sort of loot council it.

    we all make a BiS list of the set we would like too have and when a drop then drops we first look who has it on their bis list and then for who it might be the biggest upgrade.
    then we compare the 2 quickly and decide which option benefits us all the most.

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    Common sense and not having loot whores in your guild. There are a lot of aspects that should be taken into consideration when deciding who should get an item, but preferrably an item goes to the person for who it is the biggest upgrade. Ideally, your guildmembers can decide that on their own without interference from officers or point-based systems. And like Badhairday said, if an item is well itemized for one class (maybe even BiS) and doesn't have very good itemazation for another but is still a big upgrade I'd rather have the first person get BiS gear then giving an item to someone else that will need to be replaced.
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    Personally I'd go with loot council, simply because it always works well.

    EGPG is just too much work and effort and there's really no need for it, if your guild doesn't trust its leaders I doubt it'll go far.

    My current guild just rolls for loot and it works fairly well, usually the person who needs it the most gets it regardless because we usually just pass it if it's a bigger upgrade for someone else.

    But honestly, in a group of adults instead of children a loot system is hardly needed, because the only use gear has is for progressing farther and most people realize that. Loot systems are only important if the group is childish and selfish. Any half decent group is going to spread the gear around regardless of the loot system in place.

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    i choose loot council.

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    probably loot council, or maybe suicide kings.
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    I'd just do what we do in our current guild, rolls for gear. When we start getting access to tier badge, we then make a policy to state that once you get your 2 set, you can't roll on further tier unless either nobody else needs that badge or everyone else has the 2 set.

    Everything else tho is: If its an upgrade, roll for it. No point in drama, as what I don't win this time around, I'll get next time.
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