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    Weapon choice

    Hello , quick question

    I have 496 Kilrak , 497 Elegion , 496 Scimitar of seven stars , 491 Shinka , 497 Starshatter , 502 Greatsword of frozen hells

    SMF , TG or Arms and with which weapons?

    Is 502/491 TG best because of MH higher ilvl or smf still pull ahead because of the low ilvl OH ?

    I have the legendary gem/socket btw

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    I would go for 502 Greatsword of frozen hells and 491 Shinka . Gueesing you also have Frozen hells gemmed with 2x 320 Crit gem?

    Anyway seeing your SMF weapons are quite low ilvl compared to your 2handers, TG is the way to go then.

    And as for ARMS, all depends on what you like to play cause on low ilvl ARMS is quite nice.

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    Average weapon iLVL is higher with TG, but your armory would help in more effectively determining this.
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    Bolmik on Twilight's hammer - EU

    Not sure how to link it

    Also avg ilvl is exactly same (496,5) if i take Shinka for the sha gem ( which should be better than 497 starshatter OH i believe ).

    The question basically comes down to TG with better MH dps and an extra socket from legendary quest line vs SMF+better OH dps . Or simply arms.
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