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    Unhappy Little help for a recently rerolled Shaman

    Hello, 3 months ago i decided to reroll Shaman and play Elemental. I'm quite sad to not be top Dps anymore (was Mage before) but in the end i can accept this due to the loads of fun given by the gameplay Elemental can offer (high mobility etc.).

    However my DPS is still quite low and im not sure how to forge, when to stop going for haste. Now i'm on 5000 haste and considering i use VP trinket which gives a 8k haste procc i think il pass GCD during Heroism with LB cast time of 0.8s . So should i go even lower with haste? or is the DPS loss not that great? I also have 496 ilvl essence of Terror in bag if that is an option.
    Edit (also got Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance )

    Here is my armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Deemaxs/simple
    Logs from last raid: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/cp5kqozgjhtwzjni/

    In the kill fight i used Elemental Mastery which was a mistake considering i went much under GCD during Heroism

    Any tips to improve myself are highly apreciated and would greatly help in our progression. Thank you verry much.
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    Try out AskMrRobot, he made wonders to my ret paladin

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    Unfortunately he told me to replace my Tiergloves (522) + non tier shoulders(502) with old tier gloves (496) and tier shoulder 483 just to get that shitty 4 piece setbonus. I would loose to much stats etc. so i wouldnt realy trust AskmrRobot here

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    Most Elemental Shamans are sitting on about 6-7k haste, you are on 5k.
    Ur mastery is good, but is gonna go abit low if u wanna go for more haste.
    Outside of Heorism ur Lighting Bolts is prolly going abit slow.
    Go take a look at other shamans on armory, the guys at the top have about 6-7k (Tho they have more mastery).

    Try reforging for abit more haste.
    Haste is rly good for Elemental Shamans. And I think you allrdy know the priority, but it's hard to tell when haste loses it's value.
    But I am pretty sure it's not on 5k.

    But I'm sure there is alot of Shamans on this forum that can answer this alot better

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