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    Heroic Tortos Kiting Bats

    I play a Blood DK and my guild (well I should say 1 annoying non-officer person who thinks he knows everything) wants me to kite the bats on Heroic Tortos. I personally think it's a stupid idea to even kite bats unless you have a Monk Tank because of their great mobility. The one speed increase I have (Death's Advance) can't even be used because it's in the same tier as Chillbains, which I have to take to kite. So basically im slow as shit. For starters im a great boss tank because I can soak the majority of Snapping Bites with my Blood Shield and the healers hardly ever have to worry about me. When our Warrior Tank is tanking the boss he gets his butt kicked by Snapping Bite. So im hoping you can defend me here guys. Shouldn't we just have the Warrior pick up the bats and kill them with a stun rotation?

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    Go and tank Boss yourself as DK, let him tank the bats and kill them...don't kite unless you have proper monk tank.

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    Use lifegrips and external speed increases (body and soul etc) to get out of bat range right before the stun. Also have raid members stunning the bats to give you extra time.

    Monks are better for kiting but a DK is also viable.

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    isnt the whole point of kiting not to tank them? I would suggest it would be better to do it as frost with chillblains specced / DND glyphed. This way you can HB them in the air (before they ever touch the ground) and use glyphed IBF/desecrated ground to avoid knockdowns on 3/4 stomps. It will become a pain in the ass at the end of the fight unless turtles are taken care of, but I think less so than taking them since you should be able to outrange them more easily bc of HB rather than having to be in melee every 10s to refresh chillblains

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    Did it earlier this week with me as frost in Blood pres, honestly it seems far easier than a monk, then again I know shit all about monks.

    Howling blast new waves once, gather them with previous packs and contiune to hb, aoe grip if they get too split up, or to pull them away from you, and if you have a lock with glyphed CoEX it's a godsend.
    It's a lilbit iffy as if you die it's usually gg, so alot of pressure

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    DK is quite capable of kiting the bats and will actually kill the bats easily while kiting compared to monk.

    Just hunter MD bats to you, lock slows them and throws corruption to them and they die while following you cause diseases are enough to keep aggro. Really easy.

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    Not sure if 10m or 25m. But I kite the bats just fine as frost 25m.

    (Assuming you're at a decent skill level and know what you're doing )

    Go Blood Tap; runic power dump with Death Coil and the occasional frost strike as you're going past the boss or a crystal. Use Glyph of shifting presence and glyph of death and decay.

    Once bats spawn switch to Blood Presence, drop a D&D in the center of the room, having your healers stand on the D&D when they see it helps a lot then spam howling blast. Also getting Hunter MD's whenever possible. Once you think you have sufficient aggro switch to unholy presence for more movement speed. Using Unholy Blight is also good for more dps.

    At certain points during your kite path the bats WILL come down and be in seperate groups, this is the perfect time to use Gorefiends Grasp to grip the out of place bat group with the bat group that is furthest away from you.

    When a stomp is about to happen have a warlock or warrior come out and aoe stun the add group so you don't get destroyed. Having Affliction warlocks baby-sitting you with their AOE curse of exhaustion also helps a ton.

    Sometimes you just have to step up and do jobs like this man, no need to get mad at your guildies

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    If you have a monk tank, he should be the one kiting them.

    They are BY FAR the best class for the job, even though DKs can do it just fine, the Brewmaster will have a much easier job.

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    We tried and killed Tortos yesterday. We tried many different tactics and one of them were me kiting the bats as frost dk. It was horrible.
    Then we changed the tactic again. We switched to 2 Tanks, 2 heals and 6 dds. The Prot Paladin tanked the bats near the boss. It was a lot easier to kill the turtles and the bats with 6 dds.
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