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    T14 2pc, how big of a deal is it?

    I looted the Heroic Helm off Jin'Rokh tonight, but I have been using Gloves/Legs T15, and Helm/Shoulders T14.

    Now putting all my changes into Shadowcraft which would be Heroic Helm (535), Heroic Shoulders (502), and a Thunderforged Chest (528), and I gained a little over 3K dps increase according to Shadowcraft.

    Now my question is, Does Shadowcraft include the Tier bonuses when calculating DPS? I am not quite sure dropping the T14 2set for 2 ToT pieces will actually benefit me over using off pieces until 4PC T15.

    Any ideas? Should I just follow what Shadowcraft is telling me as far as gear goes?

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    Shadowcraft does indeed factor in set bonuses. Follow its suggestions and you're dandy.

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    Look on the left side under stat weights. It will tell you the value of set bonuses as well as them being factored in by default.

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