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    Survival as Shadow in 5.3

    With my comp, RDruid/Rogue/SPriest, we normally have some interesting matches with any teams having a hunter. For as much as they talk about how OP Void Shift is, against a Stampede and Bestial Wrath, it is one of the only ways I can survive.

    I counter the zoo with Tendrils or a Psyfiend (after I fear the zoo), and then kite and line the hunter to death, but frequently, with a rogue or warrior also sitting on me, movement is hard (even after the phantasm). Even then though, the Rogue will cloak my fear or the warrior will berserk out of it.

    I am in full Malevolent Gear with 2 Tyrannical Pieces, so I am not poorly geared. I play around 2k, so I am not overly terrible (though not the best by any stretch). But a Hunter Pet can bring me down 30% or so by itself, and the zoo damage is outrageous. I need some more suggestions to see if there is anything else that I can do better, especially since I am not going to stop playing my priest come 5.3

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    The only thing i can suggest.... have your teammates peel them off
    oh and keep praying for better days

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    Yes hunter damage is out of this world right now. Basically you have to disperse if you're ever caught in a powershot with his CDs. Have your rogue peel the melee until you can set up a kill, your druid is pretty good for rooting the warr but thats probably getting dispelled if not your fears. If he is able to save the dance you're doing well but don't count on it

    It's common knowledge for melee to: ->Sit on priest->Interrupt his casts->Win.

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    Psyfiend against hunters is generally a terrible idea, because any hunter with a brain willl just pop snake trap and lol as your Psyfiend fears snakes and zoo and nothing useful. If you are really struggling, play defensive to start with and wait out the first stampede, both shadow dance and disperse are on a much short CD than Stampede, so you should have 1 or the other available for this meaning you can disperse or get your rogue to cheap shot the whole team for peels. Stay close to your healer at all times, you need to eat traps for him especially with stampede out.

    Don't be afraid to use orbs for disarms here and your rogue also has a disarm too, so if you do it right you can disarm both dps and reduce alot of the damage. It's alot about positioning, you really only want the zoo on you for most of the duration, if you have the zoo/hunter and other dps, you are looking at needing a CD 9/10 times.

    Your druid is in a decent postion to help with peels too with Hibernate, roots and Cyclone just to name a few (druids have a load of CC available), ofcourse this can only happen if you are not getting raped for damage, would suggest getting the druid to 3 stack LB you whenever stampede is off CD.

    You might also try using Inner Fire Glyph and/or Fade glyph if you are still have problems.

    Shadow priest is a hunters hardest counter thanks to heavy dot damage and MDing traps, so as long as you can survive zoo, you should be in really good shape (although 5.3 will change this to a certain extent).

    If you get the peels right, there is a fair chance you can get a couple of trinkets out of them, meaning if you survive you will be in a really strong position.

    Just a few ideas, i'm not claiming to be some guru, in fact my rating is below yours, but there might be something in there that you can use, good luck

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    I'm playing Rogue + Spriest + Mistweaver right now, which is quite similar. Against hunters the trick we find is Always plan around how to counter the Zoo. Void Tendrils, Psychic Scream and Leg Sweep are a must. For your druid, I could similarly recommend Mass Entanglement. If your druid can root or cyclone the hunters partner off (rogue or warrior) that should just leave you with pets to deal with (if you can LoS the hunter) - and three tools to deal with those pets.

    Also, is your rogue using Combat Readiness or Nerve Strike or? Nerve Strike can be fantastic against teams like this because the constant stuns your partner is throwing out will then lead to periods of reduced damage off the enemy rogue / warrior - being able to stagger your opponents damage so your either taking warrior damage, or hunter damage - but not both at once - is the key: that and don't underestimate the pets.
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