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    10/12 next week i'll get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilthresa View Post
    10/12 next week i'll get it.
    same here, let's hope that I get only one from those 5 bosses before lei shen

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    I wonder if those stones drop after you have cleared LFR (no normal mode) and then got the quest to collect those 12. So basicly. I cleared LFR, got the quest and now do the bosses still have a chance to drop it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondGirl View Post
    I wonder if those stones drop after you have cleared LFR (no normal mode) and then got the quest to collect those 12. So basicly. I cleared LFR, got the quest and now do the bosses still have a chance to drop it?
    Some people are saying from experience no, but there was a blue post the other day saying yes you can. I can't be bothered to find the link, but I know for sure is saw the 'yes you can do it, as it's a separate quest'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutartwo View Post
    Personally I would rather see 10 hard to achieve quests (but doable for everyone should the effort be put in) that take about 1, 2 or 3 weeks, rather than 1 quest that takes some people who put in effort 15 weeks to complete. Low RNG numbers are a bitch ... Just IMO.
    Agree with Kutartwo on this one, rather see multiple difficult/challenging quests than RNG garbage-fest quests.
    Status to date 0-0-0-2-2-2-1-2=9/12 hoping for a lucky 3 next week but FML it wont happen and it'll be 3more weeks of Lei-Shen till it's done.

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    Guildie of mine got 3 last week and 3 this week to get him to 12 and the first in our guild with the cloak. Meanwhile I got 1 last week and 1 this week.

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    u cryin bout runestones while im crying bout secrets... 1-3 a week max...
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    You're full of shit honey.

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    Got 1 of Animus, then another from Iron Qon. Time to see what 5.4 brings.

    Also, the final cloak quest makes it painfully obvious we're going to get a legendary cloak, with Wrathion constantly blabbering on how he is going to upgrade it.

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    MY sever never gets drops like titan runestone - though its a 0.00025% chance of drop

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    after 5 weeks my warrior has 7

    after one night my shaman has 6... i went 6 for 6 wtf

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    I just gave up and stoped caring my main after 8 weeks has 7 runes and my alt after 2 weeks sits on 6 -_- this rng is just ... meh -_-

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    had 10/12 last week
    11/12 now - hate RNG

    ... At least it's guaranteed next week, might even get to replace my LFR chest at some point too -.-

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    I won't turn in this quest for any reason... those runestones are soooo precious and rare that worth more than a cloak...

    Srsly after about 10 or so weeks still at 6/12...

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    Week 10 and i'm on 11/12. So next week i'll get my cloak! Also, 2 other guildie mates sitting on 11/12 too after this week. For one it is was week 8 for other week 9.

    In 5.4 i hope there wont be RNG quest. Just give us something once a week for 10weeks, rather than hopeless wait for "it".

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    week 10 and im at 9 stones! i hate the rng when others get their stones faster!

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    got 3 last week 0 this week

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    Took my ages to get my 20 secrets, finished at the beginning of May (2nd) and now after 8 full ids i'm at 10/12 with 2 guranteed Lei-Shen drops included. So 8 drops out of 46 bosses or ~18% droprate.

    Hopefully the gods will be merciful and grant me a single runestone outside from Lei-Shen next week
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    Well got my 6th stone from Lei Shen(guaranteed drop ofc) in my 12th reset so for me so far the droprate has been around 4.3%.

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    1/15 over 3 chars on bosses that aren't gtd =(

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    I swear, if next week I get a single one from lei shen again, I'm quitting ToT and never coming back. I don't give a fuck about it anymore. This is the most annoying bullshit blizzard has ever come up with - when friends are bragging about them having more runestones on alts than I have on my main.

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