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    Items only dropping if you were on that specific part of the quest chain really make this a killer if you don't do things at the proper pace. I'm currently at 7/20 secrets after about 8 wings of ToT lfr. Started the Wrathion quest later than I should have, and was basically tired of this tier before even getting the secrets portion unlocked.

    I definitely screwed up, but there's no way I'll have the patience to finish this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephrie View Post
    I swear, if next week I get a single one from lei shen again, I'm quitting ToT and never coming back. I don't give a fuck about it anymore. This is the most annoying bullshit blizzard has ever come up with - when friends are bragging about them having more runestones on alts than I have on my main.
    (stop getting so mad at an rng based quest)

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    Felt like the worst RNG collecting them, but I did finally finish. The challenge is a real chore in LFR+Valor gear, plenty of people going to be sad when they realize collecting the stones was the easy part.

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    Alt Monk now has the cloak, took 6 weeks.
    Main Hunter still at 5/12 with Lei Shen left this week, 7 weeks into the quest.

    RNG is fun guys!

    Oh, and the tank scenario when you finish with runestones is a total cakewalk. Not sure how people are having any trouble with it. Maybe DPS ones are harder? I dunno.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marxman View Post
    Oh, and the tank scenario when you finish with runestones is a total cakewalk. Not sure how people are having any trouble with it.
    What class and ilevel? Makes a huge difference.

    Doing it as a warrior in 515 gear was tough since every one of the mechanics was relatively punishing at that gear level, and we have nothing but bandaids to heal Wrathion from incidental damage.

    Obviously interrupting casts, taunting instantly, stunning Deathwing to allow reset on the DOT, snag and kill adds and don't stand in crap is obvious performance stuff - second wind allowed intelligent gameplay to keep Deathwing's damage survivable while doing all that and allow me to focus on safeguarding and bandaging Wrathion enough to get through.

    Not one of the faceroll DK or Paladin videos circulating the youtubes demonstrated that level of difficulty or precision.

    Proper performance was the absolute key, but speccing second wind is the only reason I was able to survive long enough to focus on that execution at my gear level. People in 538 and good heals are of course gonna yuk it up about how easy things were - plenty of that on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    What class and ilevel? Makes a huge difference.
    527 Brewmaster Monk

    Wrathion had a near-permanent Guard on him, Chi Wave bounces were hitting him, and all of the bosses mechanics were either avoidable or interruptible. Never noticed the DoT doing anything, but I know I didn't drop below 80% health at all. Took about 2-3 minutes total, doing maybe 80k DPS.

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    Had a great last two weeks. After getting 3 in 6 weeks, I've gotten 6 in 2.


    With luck, I'll get next week. W/o luck, three weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marxman View Post
    527 Brewmaster Monk

    Wrathion had a near-permanent Guard on him, Chi Wave bounces were hitting him, and all of the bosses mechanics were either avoidable or interruptible. Never noticed the DoT doing anything, but I know I didn't drop below 80% health at all. Took about 2-3 minutes total, doing maybe 80k DPS.
    Here was the experience as a 515 warrior:

    The blood is interruptible if I'm in melee - which is any time I'm not running out to avoid ground crap or rain or resetting the DOT. A missed interrupt is basically almost guaranteeing a wipe since Wrathion will stand in it even if you don't. You could spec for disrupting shout, but the cooldown is too long to make it worthwhile - pummel is your only real mechanic. Stuns simply defer the cast, so wasting your stormbolt from range just deprives you of it when you really need it. The rain is semi-avoidable since it's such a big area and the splash is larger than the ground graphic indicates. The ground crap - I found that many times I'd dodge out of it a second or two before it blew and I'd still take a damage spike as if I'd been in it. Bug maybe. Most of the time that meant a wipe, because it was an unnecessary spike in context with the rest of the damage pressure.

    The dot is a strong stacking damage/2s that ramps the longer you stay in melee with him - you need to stun him periodically and run away to let it reset. That's the time he most of all loves to set eyes on Wrathion and whale on him so you need to be watching for the taunt and ready to run back in to keep him on you. The adds spawn and try to eat Wrathion (or once aggroed, you) until killed. If you just finished using your taunt on DW, better heroic leap onto the adds to pull them, and then hope you aren't going to need it to avoid some AOE. Warrior aoe damage is weak without a meaningful Vengeance stack to build it, so you throw up a thunderclap and line up a shockwave to stun everything without incurring the double cooldown then spend what feels like too much of your precious rage on cleaves to kill them and avoid their damage - bonus healing if you can then afford the GCD for impending victory.

    Second Wind was enough to keep ahead of his basic melee and the adds so long as everything else was avoided/interrupted, and so long as I kept up my shield block whenever possible. Keeping enough rage flowing to do all that was only manageable by milking my charges as often as possible and trying to block like a madman with recklessness to try and force crit blocks for extra rage. I'd get into the bolts phase in 2-3 minutes with anywhere between 40 and 65% health, ready to soak the bolts. Safeguard to Wrathion and bandage him best you can, and found I needed to blow shield wall and last stand since no way in hell did I have enough rage to keep up shield barrier throughout the entire phase since I couldn't charge in without costing the safeguard - and most of the time Safeguard was needed since charge was on cooldown from avoiding other mechanics.

    Then another round of Deathwing + adds + all the aoe mechanics and interrupts that had to be perfect, then another round of bolts, and finally DW died.

    Now I know warrior tanks are back of the bus in damage output without Vengeance, and we're lacking in the self-heal area, and our only heal someone else mechanic is the bandage - so it felt pretty damn tough and unforgiving at my gear level, but it was possible and all it required was perfect play.

    Hell no to any 2 minute quick wrap though. Not remotely. More like 5-6 minutes of hell.

    I'm not complaining - it was definitely a challenge with my gear and it felt amazing to accomplish what I've read several 530+ raiders complaining about. But I'll tell you now there's no way in hell the average LFR sleepwalker can do that without gear radically beyond currently available or learning what they're doing.
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    10/12, please god give me 2 next week ;-;

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    7/12 now. Got 2 this ID. So I guess I'm happy enough. After all, my weeks-to-go counter just decreased by one additional stone. I could live with this trend continuing.

    My alt, however, has good chances to finish the cloak this week. At 9/12 and still not done my LFR marathon.

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    10/12, at least ra-den and lei shen are 100%.

    I'll join the LFR heroes with their cloaks >_>

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    im at week 9 with 5 stones.... FML

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    Here was the experience as a 515 warrior:
    Huh, weird.

    I pretty much just DPS'd him, interrupted his cast thingy, and taunted when he focused on Wrathion. The body-blocking part was a joke.

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    Been on this quest since 1 month into 5.2 and have done the mandatory 6 bosses on normal and LFR every week i'm currently on 3 runestones, a random 1 off twin consorts kill on normal and the other two are off lei shen kills after the 100% hotfix... 10 more weeks to go woohoo.

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    been on the quest since it was availabe and haven't missed a single week. 9runestones so far >.>

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    I'm at 6. Half way there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    I'm at 6. Half way there.
    If u clear all 6 bosses every week than it is just another RNG crap.
    Blizz should either find a way to reward players properly or players will get they reward for playing somewhere else. There is a lot of good mmo games today and none of them req monthly payment

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    8/12 almost there, maybe 2 more weeks if I'm lucky.

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    I feel sad for some people especially seeying they progress..
    Most is that my friend aswell my alt is ...(3 weeks+ 4th my friend got uber lucky... and my alt is..ok gg.) And only trought Lfr...
    I feel bad seeying people only doing Lfr and not even all bosses requirement in some week's and still got the cloack before raider's.

    25-man and we got 2 alt'(Only Lfr with Cloack .) And 3 raiders(Got they're upgrade this and last week). Likely to say the grind for cloack hasn't keep up player's at all. We already off with raiding for the moment.

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    Stopped playing in January, with half of 6k valor. I was back 2 weeks after 5.2. runestones: 3-2-1-2-4 Completed the quest in Five weeks. Good Luck.

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