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    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinBash View Post
    3 today from LFR. All 3 last bosses too. Felt amazing.
    same for me. amazing luck so far on this quest

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    Dreadlord Ryken's Avatar
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    Finally done with this! Cloak is mine!

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    Field Marshal Athura's Avatar
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    Another week with only 1.
    Been on this quest for 6 weeks now. I'm at 7/12 at the moment.

    I dislike this quest.

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    Was 10/12, and you would except that you will get 1 from the 5 bosses, right? Sooo WRONG!
    But at least I got one from Lei-Shen obviously. n_n Next week.... next week....

    PS: I'm not amused.
    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    It's kinda amazing how many hands these guys have, anyway. Our tank pally can put his hands on 3 different people and still hold his weapon and shield and make unsavory gestures towards enemies.

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    Started the week w/ 10/12. Back to back drops from lfr..... was amazing!!!!! I think there were weeks w/ no drops.

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    Started 9/10 This week, Got 1 and that was from Lei Shen, still got Iron Qon to do. :/

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    My 10th week this week. And I actually got 3 this week! Im now on 9/12.

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    11/12, ra-den's got what i need >_>

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    Finally me and 2 my friends finished this silly quest today...
    For me it was 11 weeks, for other guy 10 and for the last one 9.
    Hello ~40k dps boost from us 3, just from cloaks :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryken View Post
    Finally done with this! Cloak is mine!
    Same here.

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    More whining, but at this point my bad luck is almost a point of pride - "I don't need no stinkin' cloak!"

    Killed Nalak the day he showed up on our server, week of 4/9. Since then, full cleared every week including this week - so thats 12 weeks, 12*6=72 chances at a runestone. I currently have 8 - 'nuff said.

    Going to finish this quest out the hard way, 1 per week for the next 4 weeks, and get it on 7/22. [email protected]#% RNG droprate collection quests.
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    WIsh I had better luck with titan runestones but i guess I got a buff since i get one from lei shen every week

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    First and last time I'll bitch about stuff like this:

    I started the runestone part of the quest first in my guild. I'm still on 8 and 3 people have got their cloaks already in my raid. RNG fucking hates me. We're 7/13HC and my ms item level is 524. I can't get drops or runestones for love or money. *Cry* :P

    Ok, I'm over it now.

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    ALT No1>10/12

    ALT No2>completed

    MAIN> 10/12

    alt 1 and 2 started 1-2 weeks after my main.go figure

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    Last week I got four, bringing me to 10/12. This week I got one. FML.

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    Will be obtaining the cloak once I get home this evening.

    Doesn't change the fact I am not a fan of these "herp derp here have another RNG drop fetch quest". Least the Cata stuff was a bit more smoothed out (maybe too smooth? Debatable I suppose).

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    10/12 and I've full cleared every week possible.

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    Actually just got one that wasn't off Lei Shen... 4 to go.

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    Does Ra-den have a higher Titan Runestone drop rate?

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    11/12 after 10-11 wekes on main .... 10/12 after 3 weeks on priest alt ... this rng can go and ....itself >< (even that i dont care ><)

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