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    7/12 3 weeks in 3/2/2 or something like that

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    I've gotten 1 in 15 kills. At this rate there is no way I will be finished before 5.2. <=== Check out my Youtube Channel !!

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    7, got zero last week 2 this week.

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    Got 3 more this week, so now at 6 total after 3 weeks of LFR. Halfway there! =D

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    Only got one this week when I needed two. At least I'm not behind yet.

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    4/12 with 18 boss kills. I was luckier with the secrets.

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    1/12 so far (from 2 weeks of LFR).

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    bit OT, I am on the quest have zero so far.. question is I have the tanking meta but often for the sake of sanity I que in LFR as DPS, do you have to have the meta equipped to have the runestone drop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckadoodle View Post
    bit OT, I am on the quest have zero so far.. question is I have the tanking meta but often for the sake of sanity I que in LFR as DPS, do you have to have the meta equipped to have the runestone drop?
    You do not (based on personal experience of having gotten a runestone without having a helmet I can put it in)
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    Anyone with 12/12 and the heart of the thunder king tried transferring to the PTR to do the [Celestial Challenge]? Runestones transfer, but ToT LFR is disabled.

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    I got 2 the first and second week - this week i hav only killed 3/6 bosses and gotten one stone so far.
    So hopefully at the end of the week i will be atleast at 6 stones.

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    none this week

    thought i was gonna have it done in 4 weeks

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    Out of 4 weeks I've gotten 3. Last two weeks I have yet to get a single one. 2-1-0-0. Just hit Durumu for the week so maybe something this week.

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    I'm on 11/12 and got none from the last 5 bosses in LFR, maybe I'll get lucky and get the final one from Lei Shen or Ra-den! I'm saving Lei Shen on LFR just in-case I do get the final one from the last two bosses on heroic and then I'll be able to complete the final quest...... no rush anyway, we'll be farming ToT at least another 12~ times until SoO.

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    0-3-2-0 5/12 I see a lot of pain ahead

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    0-0-3-0-0... Going really well...

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    0*-1-0-1-3 so far.

    *I was only eligible for 2 bosses this weeks, due to finishing secrets off 4 bosses prior. So 2/20...

    Edit: Updated for this week's haul. Will I be as lucky next week? Stay tuned!
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    Got my first Runestone in my 4th ID, so it's 1/24 now for me.
    Anyone knows if the droprate in LFR in lower than normal/heroic?

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    After missing 1 reset since obtaining the Quest weeks and weeks ago, I've now got 12 Secrets of the Empire. 12. I envy all you luckers who have your LMG >.<
    1 Secret / reset, really Blizz, REALLY?
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    im off to a fairly good start with 3 titan runestones on the 6 bosses that drop them in the first week i was eligable to get them, i fear those weeks were i get none, hopefully that wont happen, and here's hoping to avg 3 pr week, but that is prolly wishful thinking lol.

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